Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Will Run for Food

Meals like this are why I am glad I talked myself into the gym today.

Pork Loin with sautéed mushrooms and mashed potatoes!

While working on my to-do list, I ran downstairs and set the pork loin to marinating.  Smashed garlic, coarse salt, ground pepper, Italian Seasoning, splash of balsamic, and enough EVOO to make the mix a little thicker than a paste.  Completely cover the pork with the dressing, and then wrap tightly with plastic wrap and place in the fridge.

Headed out to get groceries and Christmas baking supplies.

Came back and roasted the pork on a foil lined baking sheet at 400 degrees for about 20 minutes.  Let rest 5 minutes before cutting.

IMG_7041 IMG_7042 IMG_7044

We are adding “good potato masher” to our list of kitchen pieces needed.  Right next to gravy boat.  Why don’t we have these things?  LOL. 

Anyway, because of this utensil crisis (and the massive quantities of butter usually needed) I don’t often make mashed potatoes.  But today I earned them, and wanted to surprise FH.

4 potatoes (chunked and boiled until soft), 1/4 cup heated skim milk, 2 tablespoons olive oil Becel, 2 tablespoons light cream cheese, salt & pepper.  Mash til your wrist hurts.

IMG_7039 IMG_7045

All together now!  With steamed brussel sprouts and mushrooms sautéed with a bit of butter and white wine


And since the wine was out…a glass pour moi…


Dessert…festive Christmas candy has arrived.  Snowballs!


And since we’re talking about Christmas (we are, aren’t we?)…check out the cute Gingerbread House luminary I ordered from Bath & Body Works.  It is sooooo much cuter than I expected it to be!

184 185

Tomorrow…more to-do, more water, more gym time.  See ya then.

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Syl said...

Dinner looks so yummy. I know this is going to sound really weird but trust me it works. To get soft smooth non lumpy mashed potatoes, and still have wrists in one piece, I actually use a electric cake mixer, it works really well and takes seconds... the only think I would recommend is to not put it on the highest setting, because then you have mashed potatoes all over your kitchen! (totally speaking from experience ;-)

princessvalecia said...

great dinner gotta try the pork loin sounds amazing

Dairy Free Betty said...

your dinner looked insanely good!!

Tip for mashed potatoes to use less butter! Chicken broth!! Use it in place of the cream... you will never go back!!

Ex Yo-Yo Dieter Debbie said...

Are you sure you're not secretly a chef?

carla said...

and I love the gingerbread house.
we are SO MAKING those this week.

first I need to get me some gingerbread house kits :)

have a great day.

Laura said...

Dinner looks awesome. You don't get the workout but I usually whip my potatoes with a hand mixer...just don't let the taters fly out of the bowl.

Tamara said...

I don't usually eat pork but I'd eat that! And lots of people don't know that heating the milk is THE secret to the most awesome mashed potatos. Yummy!

Anonymous said...

Mmm dinner looked yummy! For some reason I sometimes forget about Pork Tenderloin when I'm, grocery shopping, but after having it a few weeks ago I'm going to pick it up again soon!

The gingerbread house is cute. :)

PS. I don't have a gravy bowl either, thanks for the reminder.

Nicole said...

I use the hand mixer too! Works like a charm...as long as your careful not to coat your kitchen in tater mix *S*

Anonymous said...

I saw that gingerbread house in the store and you're right, it's super cute. congrats on making it to the gym!

Jodi said...

ok now i am hungry for pork loins! (and remarkably brussel sprouts-- go figure!)

Jodi said...
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