Monday, December 07, 2009

Work Out with Shirls

I finally remembered to plug my iPod in this weekend, so the songs I downloaded like two weeks ago would finally upload.  I made a playlist based on one Shirls posted a while ago…so when I work out I can pretend we are running together!  :)

shirls music

Although, I did skip Britney Spears.  I’m sooo over her comeback.

While I listened I had a big cardio day at the gym.  What I like to call “20-20-20”… 20 minutes on each of three different machines. 

  • Rowing machine:  3.3km, 150+ cals
  • Elliptical: incline intervals, 2.7km, 150+ cals
  • Treadmill:  speed walking, hills, 2.1km, 125+ cals

Before heading for the gym, there was breakfast!

Half-caf with sploosh of egg nog


Astro Organic vanilla yogurt with thawed blueberries & raspberries and sliced banana…

IMG_7294 IMG_7295

And since I blathered on all morning about Amazing Grass, I broke into my stash for half of a Chocolate SuperFood Protein Bar


Green-a-licious!  :)


I ate the other half after the gym.

Lunch was more Halibloggers potluck leftovers…Lex's cheese dip with baguette slices and Belgian endive

IMG_7299 IMG_7301

And two of Tasha’s awesome oatmeal cookies.  All that was missing was a glass of milk!


Oh guess what dinner was?  Did you guess more leftovers?  Cuz if you did, you’d be right!!

Farm Girl jambalaya and salad!

IMG_7303IMG_7304 IMG_7305

And while sitting here typing this up I’m enjoying a decaf Tazo chai with skim milk…and um, more cooooookies!


Farm Girl’s old fashioned molasses man…and Lex’s toffee chip (minus the white chocolate…LOL)…


We are watching a cheesy made-for-TV Christmas movieMerry Daughter of the BrideWe seek these out!  Our faves are Crazy for Christmas (serious train wreck of a movie, but Christmas isn’t the same without it) and The Road to Christmas (newer but fast became a must-watch).  Another one I’ve recently discovered is Recipe for a Perfect Christmas with my beloved Bobby Carnevale.  *swoon*  haha!

Do you get sucked into the Christmas TV movies?  What are your faves?

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Dairy Free Betty said...

My hunny is gone for a few days, my to do list isn't huge, i've been sucked into almost all of them cheesey movies... None have been overly fantastic!! haha

I have been looking for the glee music forever... must continue to hunt, since now I know it's out there!!

Jodi said...

My favorites are the oldies"The Bells of St. Mary's" Little Women" (with Kathrine Hepburn), "Christmas Carol" with Alistar Simms... but cant have Chrismtas without at least ONE Muppets Special! lol
Just wanted to say how much I enjoy reading your posts everyday. I dont always comment but I do read and learn (and usually wish I lived back where there is more of a population! lol) Thanks for all your sharing!
Merry Christmas!!

Angie All The Way said...

Girl I do not envy you with that DIP at your house! I'd be roadkill!

Great workout makes it all good!

Laura said...

Oh man, I could never have those leftovers in my casa.
I never thought I would but I am really enjoying Jay-Z's newest. Empire State of mind is my new fave running song.

Kim said...

I have to say, those Amazing Grass bars look like they are covered in mold. I would probably feel super nutritious eating something that green though! Thanks for the review! I have been very curious about their products and it's hard for me to budget money to try something new when I have zero idea if it's any good.

A Dog Called Christmas? Apparently it's a Hallmark movie. My MIL put it on her Christmas list.

Nicole said...

My favorite Christmas movie is the old Alistar Simms version of a Christmas Carol. I watch it every Christmas Eve after I put the kids to bed (around midnight) in it's original black and white. Then 'Santa' eats the cookies (although this *sniff* will be the last year for my santa mug and plate...the youngest is older now)

Shirls said...

thank god, one of moved on Monday! It took me everything I had in the tank to make it through work ;0) BUT I'm starting to feel better and I'm making a comeback.. thanks for the shout-out, I'd run with you anytime