Monday, January 11, 2010

50mm Dinner

So I figured after all my hootin’ and hollerin’ this morning about my way-fun new camera I should use it for at least an entire meal’s worth of food porn.  :)

I still have the 50mm lens on from puttering around last night so I went with it.  So far, the only thing I’ve learned is not to leave it on auto for food pictures as it constantly forces the flash on which is the #1 no-no for food pics.

For dinner I thawed out a couple of pre-made homemade turkey burger patties


We only have little dinner buns on hand so I reworked one of the patties into two smaller ones to make myself a couple of ‘sliders’…


FH ate his with sammich-style with toast instead of a bun.

Baked up some frozen fries to go with the burgers…

140 155

And I added a small salad to my plate…


In the mix:  Dole Sassy Greens, tomatoes, yellow peppers & cauliflower with Fig Balsamic.


After dinner I grabbed two Hershey’s KissesAnd that’s it!!  I still didn’t bake cookies and it’s going to drive me nuts until I do.  Ha!  But until then, it’s a good test of willpower. 


Just waiting on some tea to steep while keeping bundled with my heat pack and a big blankie.  At least FH said he’s cold this evening…and he’s never cold…so I know I’m not a total sissy.  :)


So I like the blurry background effect created by this lens…now I just need to work with it to get the bright salad colors I know and love.

What are you doing to keep warm?

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Natalie said...

How do I keep warm? I keep my fire place roaring most of the time (when I'm at home). It gets soooooo cold in MB.

BTW your pictures look amazing! As does your food.

misssarahlou said...

I snuggle with my puppy under a blanket on the couch.

Jennie said...

My room is constantly freezing, so I'll make tea to warm myself up or grab a blanket :P

Jen said...

I am LOVING the 50mm lens...I DO need this (I have to keep telling myself that!)

What kind of tripod did you get for yours?

MMMM Turkey burgers *drool*

Jenny said...

The pictures look so good! And the food really does too!

I have the same Starbucks mug! I love it!

Now I want a new camera!
Take care girlie!