Saturday, January 23, 2010

Action Packed

Lots to report today so bear with me!

Got up crazy early to pick FH up from his overnight duty shift…there really shouldn’t be a 7am on Saturdays.  Just sayin’.  Since we were up and about we decided to stop for breakfast.  We’ve learned from past experience that our usual haunts aren’t open that early so we stopped into The Ardmore Tearoom again. 


Second visit doesn’t disappoint.

Simple scrambled eggs, bacon and multigrain toast.

IMG_8561 IMG_8562

And coffeeeeeeee of course.  :)


Good way to start a busy day!  We ran to the supermarket and then dropped FH off at home.  A quick hair brush and mascara application later and I was off to meet Angie, Lynn and Tasha for the first time since before Xmas!

Much needed Starbucks double tall vanilla non-fat latte


And reduced fat banana choco chip loaf (I ate half and stuffed the rest in my purse)…


We chatted babies and fun stuff like that, then headed off to check out the OptiMYz Live Health & Fitness Show


Seemed like quite a good turnout for the show.  Lots and lots of vendors…everything from spas, restaurants, gyms, supplements, to chiropractors, yoga studios, and much more.

We enjoyed a few samples! 

Miso soup from Hamachi House (Japanese Restaurant)…


A freaking awesome smoothie from Pete’s Frootique


New organic Greek yogurt from Olympic (mine’s in my fridge to enjoy later)…


And a few other doodads and such.  I totally missed the free bottles of Vitamin Water.  Bummer.

I did buy what I’m hoping is an awesome short sleeve running hoodie from I Run Like A Girl.  I’ll model it for you sometime this week.  If it works out, it was a steal!  $25!!  Supposedly it wicks better than a lot of other sports gear…we shall see!


The main reason we wanted to get there when we did was to listen to Lil MacPherson from The Wooden Monkey and her discussion about local, organic food and her thoughts and knowledge on climate change and the world around us.  (I took some notes and will put a separate post together for that).

IMG_8567 IMG_8569

After a quick photo op


…we headed out for lunch and opted to go to The Wooden Monkey since we’d just heard Lil speak and it was right near by.


I knew I was coming home to some crazyass FH cooked homemade lasagna, so I chose to stick with a salad for lunch…


Sweet Apple Salad
An assortment of organic greens, sliced apple, carrot, daikon, scallions, goat cheese and walnuts, with a grain mustard maple dressing.


Nom!!!! The daikon and apple went soooooo well with the goat cheese and walnuts.  I love this flavor combo.  I could have eaten like three plates of this! 

Two for two at the Monkey.  The veggie pizza I had on my last visit was a winner too.

After parting ways with the ladies, I made a quick stop at *cough* lululemon *cough* where I may or may not have purchased some new crops. *cough*  What lulu addiction?  ;)

And then promptly hauled my butt to the gym.  Back to day one (week 2!) of Intro to Iron.  Chest, triceps and shoulders.  Hurts so good.  :)  Including a treadmill sprint warm up, and an elliptical incline cool down

I was literally still huffing and puffing as I got dressed and headed for home!  Nothing like knowing you worked your ass off and earned yourself an indulgent dinner!

Whew.  Still with me?  ha!  Thanks for hanging out y’all.  Dinner is calling me so I will have to pick this up later.  Talk to ya soon!!

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the lovely day!

misssarahlou said...

What an exciting day!

Tamara said...

I am so excited to see that Olympia is introducing a Greek yogurt! That is one brand I actually GET where I shop! Yay!

ManoloMandi said...

That salad looks and sounds SO. GOOD.

H-woman said...

Sounds like a fun and busy Saturday! I guess if you think 7 is early you probably don't wanna know what time I got up...

H =)

Lynn said...

Had a great time yesturday, love spending time with you girls! :)

Ali @ Fat to Fit said...

I am totally going to rip off that salad idea! It looks super good!

Nicole said...

I've known Lil for a long time and there's not a greater speaker on the planet when it comes to living your life organic. Her restaurant is hands down my favorite. EVER. I love all her salads. However, my favorite of all was a dessert and I don't know if she has it there anymore. It was a twist on a chocolate cheesecake. It was dreamy!!!!
I hope Lil's talk was everything you wanted it to be.

Kim said...

How fun!

I can't wait to see the hoodie!