Friday, January 15, 2010

Around the Internet 7

Tis that time again!  I let a few weeks go by over the holidays and got caught up on all of the festivities, resolutions (although my personal ressie post isn’t up yet!) and happenings that come with a new year…but now I’m back with some good linky love for you all.


1 – Haiti Help – By now, we have all heard about the devastating earthquake that recently rocked Haiti and essentially wiped out the capitol city.  The death toll is predicted to be within the hundreds of thousands.  Red Cross seems to be the best place to offer a financial donation if you have a few dollars to spare.

2 – A Different Kind of Giveaway – in keeping with the Haiti donation theme, Pioneer Woman has set up a contest of sorts for her readers.

She is giving away two (2) $500 donations to the Haitian-related charity of the winners’ choice.

In addition, so that all of you can help make a difference, she will donate one dime (10 cents) for every entry received in this giveaway to Haitian recovery efforts.

3 – How to Make Wall Panels – on a lighter note, I came across this fun how-to post on Kyla Roma’s blog and wanted to share.  We have a few empty walls in our house and I’m wondering if FH and I could agree on a fabric to use for a couple of these.  :)

4 – Turkey and White Bean Chili – one of my favorite cold weather foods is a nice, simple chili.  Usually I use my Mom’s recipe and just modify it based on ingredients on hand.  This one caught my eye because it’s white beans, which I love!

5 – Just for HaligoniansSusie’s Shortbreads & Cupcakes – I actually won a Twitter contest for a dozen lovely cupcakes that I have yet to claim (I won the day before I flew home for Xmas) so I’ll have to get on that! 


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Anonymous said...

I LOVE Vitatops and vitamuffins!! They are so hard to find though! and of course you can never go wrong with pumpkin oats!