Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Bakery Bites

Nothing too exciting to report for the latter half of the day.  Ran some errands, bought some produce, picked up FH.

Afternoon snack was some leftovers from earlier in the day.

Clif Bar:




FH wasn’t feeling hungry come dinner time, so…more for me!  :) 

I had thawed out a steak I found in the freezer last night and wanted to stretch it out for us to share, so decided on a stir-fry. 


While at the grocery store tonight I picked up some stir-fry sauce and some Asian noodles


And baby bok choy and fresh button mushrooms to go with the carrots and cauliflower we already had on hand…

013015 024025

All cooked up…


Plated and ready for my speedy consumption.  Gotta love any meal that can be eaten with chopsticks

 037 040036

The sauce was quite yummy!  And I liked the addition of a few noodles instead of rice.  FH missed out!!  I had a second plate!  nom nom nom.

Outside of the grocery store there is a small bakery, Gleneagle.  FH and I had oogled it the last time we were there so today I wandered over to see what they had.  They had A LOT of incredibly yummy looking treats.  I settled on a chocolate macaroon and a peanut butter bar for FH and I to split. 


I cut my halves in half and had 1/4 of each with my cup of decaf tea…

051 049

Now we are staring a some terrible movie on TV.  FH doesn’t do reality TV which is tough when American Idol and Biggest Loser are taking up 5 channels!  Thankfully we’re both feeling like sleep should come easy tonight and will hopefully head to bed at a normal time!

What’s your favorite bakery item to pick up as a treat?

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Lainey said...

I can never remember what they're called, but you know those sandwich cookies with jam in between and white icing on top? Those. WHY can't I ever remember what they're called!? I'd know it if I heard it...

I also like things that look unusual but which have ingredients I think I will like.

And I like bars. And brownies. And a whole bunch of other cookies.

I could go on all day.

Lainey said...

Empire cookies! They're called empire cookies.

*goes away now*

Alexia said...

That stir-fry looks amaze (and I don't even eat meat!)


Alexia said...

Glad I found your blog!

Kimberli said...

It all looks so delish! I check out your blog on days I want to make my mouth hurt from watering so much! : )

Momma Sunshine said...

The stir fry looked awesome. Yum!

Natalie said...

I way prefer stirfries with noodles rather than rice.

My favourite bakery item is from Harvest bakery in Winnipeg. They sell their croissants frozen. You put them in the oven before you go to bed. They thaw and rise while you sleep and then you bake them when you wake up. GAWD! They are so amazing!

I ♥ bakery foods!

Vanessa said...

I love a good stir fry! You're right, anything you can eat with chopsticks is da bomb. ;)

Kim said...

Have you ever had the oatmeal cookie at Starbucks? Totally my favorite treat to pick up!