Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Big Food Day

I’m full.  As in my body feels full…as it should.  But funny enough, I’m still hungry.  I think my early latte followed by late smoothie buggered up my eating schedule today.  My body doesn’t know how to react!

Lunch today was leftovers…well, mostly leftovers…I steamed up some more carrots and baby bok choy to mix in with last night’s stirfry and noodles.

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For dessert I couldn’t wait to jump into my fresh container of Liberte Coconut yogurt.  Heaven!!


Mixed with 1/2 banana.  It’s a creamy tropical treat!!

During my weekly conference call I always like to have a snack…so I grabbed the remaining bakery bites from last night’s dessert.  That peanut butter bar bit melted in my mouth! nom!


Dinner’s meaty protein was from the Pete’s Frootique meat counter.  We had such luck with that stuffed pork tenderloin that I decided to grab a couple more prepared items to try.

For me, the Chicken Bouquet…a chicken breast rolled up with asparagus, mozzarella, and I think roasted red peppers…


FH doesn’t care for chicken with the skin on (I peeled the skin off mine anyway, but still…) so I got him a stuffed pork pinwheel.  Not entirely sure what it was stuffed with but it was different than the tenderloin stuffing.


And for something completely different…polenta


I saw the tube of prepared polenta in the deli and decided on a whim to buy it.  After surfing around the internet looking for recipes I opted to go the simple route and just season and crisp it up in a frying pan.

1/2” slices…


Brushed with olive oil and sprinkled with s&p…


Cooked in a hot pan with a dab of melted butter.  3 minutes per side, until slightly brown and crisp…


Sprinkled with parmesan when plating…

048 053

All served up with steamed brussel sprouts

047 052

Verdictchicken was kind of bland (maybe because I removed the skin?), pork was yummy (some kind of cheese in the stuffing), and I thought the polenta was pretty tasty while FH thought it was tasteless (booooo).  Fine…more for me! ha!

Now…I don’t need dessert…however I think more yogurt might be in my future.  I am making myself sit through Mercy and a cup of tea first, and if I’m still hungry after that then I can have my snack before bed.  :)

Does anyone have a great polenta recipe they want to share?

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Connie B said...

Oh man...the chicken, pork, and polenta look soooooooo good!!

Anonymous said...

I have always wanted to try polenta but have no idea what to do with it... I am looking forward to the posted recipes.

Jessica said...

if you cut the polenta up way thinner, it's yummy and a bit crispy!!! :)

Just a thought!

Natalie said...

I've never made polenta but it looks so tasty. Might have to try some!

Laura said...

That ready made polenta looks way better than they stuff we cook..may have to try this out. Chilli and polenta is a great combo as well.

Mel said...

I highly recommend it. I use polenta quite often in Mexican Lasagna. Just replace the noodles with thin slices of polenta nom nom nom! Also enjoy making homemade pizza crust out of cornmeal..also tasty and WW friendly :)

Hubby likes it too which is a big bonus!