Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Black Beans Aplenty

Well, one good thing came out of the pumpkin yogurt this morning…it held me over for close to three hours.  Impressive really…but I think I’ll still go back to pumpkin in my oats instead.

Anywho…on to lunch!  I wanted something tasty to make up for my lackluster breaky.  Quesadilla to the rescue!!

Anything is good if you grill it up between a couple of whole grain tortillas!


Sauteed mushrooms & beets


Pan steamed spinach


Warmed black beans and tomatoes


All smoooooshed together with 1oz of finely grated light cheddar

006 011


This also held me over for 3 hours.  I think maybe not working out first thing in the morning made it easier for me to not get hungry every 35 seconds.  :)

Errands didn’t all manage to get done…it’s a little tough to get to the post office without my car!  ha!  Not used to FH having the car all day.  Oh well, a few things will be late…such is life.

Grabbed a Kashi bar on my way out the door to the gym.  I was a little worried that I hadn’t eaten enough for the workout I was about to tackle, but it all worked out.  Phew!


Today’s workout involved Day Two of Gina’s Intro to Iron.  I’m so totally loving this!!  Today was legs and it was fun to try a couple of different moves.  Afterwards, I did a quick 2km on the treadmill.  Would have been longer, but I was getting crazy cramps because of all the water I drank during the strength session. 

Any thoughts on how to get around that?  I  suppose I could drink less water, but a girl gets thirsty when she’s sweating her arse off!!

Back at home I headed straight for the kitchen. Thank goodness for leftovers! 

Bigass salad topped with leftover turkey chili


Salad dressed with salsa and a smidge of Ranch dressing (seriously, so gooooood!)…


And a few Salsa Verde Riceworks for crunch.  These totally made the meal!  (I’m so easy to please sometimes..ha!)

025 027

OK, this post it taking forever to write and my tea is now cold because I’m totally sidetracked emailing and Tweeting with the Halibloggers and friends (ladies, we need another name that includes our out-of-town girlies!).  I haven’t seen the local girls since before Christmas and I miss them!

I’m going to eat my cookies and chat some more.  Night all!

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Coffeeintherain said...

Your food always looks so tasty! I love your blog! :)

Nellers said...

Wow I never thought about putting anything other than cheese and chicken into a quesadilla.. I'll have to try it your way!
btw, I have to say again, I Love your blog, its so inspirational, in a very down to earth way! :)