Saturday, January 16, 2010

Butchart Gardens 2009

A little something extra for you all. 


When I was home for the Christmas holidays, three of my bestest girlies (Ingmarie, Tiffaney, and Charmaine) and I headed out to Butchart Gardens for the Christmas display and a lovely dinner.  I recapped a bit of it at the time, but was waiting for my friend Ingmarie’s photos.  She uses a Nikon D60 so we designated her our fancy photographer for the evening.  It’s mainly due to Ing’s photography and new love of the hobby that I really wanted a DSLR of my own.  Maybe next year I’ll be the designated photographer!


Dinner at The Dining Room Restaurant:

  • shared appies…seafood trio, herb-crusted goat cheese, and braised short rib.

 752671530_butchartgardens-1153 752672659_butchartgardens-1157 752673276_butchartgardens-1159

  • main courses…seafood boulliabase, game hen & risotto, pork chops & polenta. (2 of us had the pork)

752674303_butchartgardens-1160 752675359_butchartgardens-1162 752676706_butchartgardens-1163

  • shared dessertschocolate trio with pot de creme, homemade donuts, pralines…and one of the best creme brulee ever…

752677754_butchartgardens-1169 752678926_butchartgardens-1171

People often look at me like I’m crazy when I recommend the Butchart Dining Room.  It it perceived to be some sort of touristy place that would have mediocre food.  I am here to tell you that it is a hidden gem!  A little pricey because you have to pay full admission to the Gardens even to just go to the restaurant, but worth it for the great atmosphere, lovely service, and amazing local food.

752679922_butchartgardens-1173752680961_butchartgardens-1174 752681993_butchartgardens-1182

The Christmas light displays are nothing short of awesome.  I had lived on Vancouver Island for pretty much my entire life, specifically in Victoria for 7 years before FH and I decided to go to Butchart for a date the first Summer we were together.  We had such a great time, we had to go back for Christmas.  It was to be a tradition, but of course we got transferred and only managed to get there one more time right before we moved. 

Last year, the girls and I had plans to carry on the tradition but that’s when Victoria got hit with a huge snow storm and we could barely get around downtown let alone all the way out to Butchart.

Needless to say I was pretty happy to get there this year!

  • two turtle doves, three French hens…

752682438_butchartgardens-1190 752683339_butchartgardens-1195

  • sunken garden…


  • four calling birds, six geese a laying…

752684427_butchartgardens-1207 752686980_butchartgardens-1236752685034_butchartgardens-1208 

  • fiiiiiive golden riiiiiinnngs…

752686469_butchartgardens-1225    752691500_butchartgardens-1255

They put in a crazy cool carousel this year!  Tiff and I just had to ride it.  :)

752696623_butchartgardens-1265 752695006_butchartgardens-1261752690504_butchartgardens-1254

So glad we got to go!  Thanks girls!  and thanks Ingmarie for playing paparazzi for us the whole night.  *hugs*

752702035_butchartgardens-1288  752700852_butchartgardens-1280

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Jenny said...

I love going there all times of the year but at Christmas, it's just so special. All the lights are just awesome.

Thanks for sharing, I have never eaten in the dining room but am now tempted to try it the next time we go.

Take care!

Anonymous said...

I went to Busch Gardens in Florida a few times as a kid and loved it. The food in your pics looks sooo good!

Jessica said...

I've never been there before either... bad bad island girls we are!!

Beautiful pictures!

Connie B said...

Nice shots! Beautiful lights!!