Monday, January 18, 2010

The Chili that almost wasn’t!

Holy Hannah people!  Remember a week or two ago I was all excited because I had pretty much caught up on Google Reader?  Well, geesh, wouldn’t you know that you people sure blog a lot and I was behind again!!  Not to mention all of the new bloggers that have come out of the woodwork today because of the Amazing giveaway!  So cool to hear from all of you lurkers out there! 

Tonight’s dinner plan was almost foiled when I opened the pantry to realize that we are out of navy beans.  Bugger.  Turkey and navy bean chili was on the menu.  I wanted to substitute black beans, but FH doesn’t like those so I just about scrapped the plan.  But realized that was silly and just went ahead with it anyway.


I use my Mom’s chili recipe as a base, but just swap in extra lean ground turkey and whatever beans I have on hand.  Also added some canned diced tomatoes (with olive oil & garlic).


Tonight I also included a bit of my Mexican seasoning and extra cumin along with the chili powder and cayenne.  (And left out the sugar because I use balsamic vinegar).

When I got to adding the beans, I separated out a portion for FH into another pan and just continued on with my portion.


Added corn to both.  Topped with snipped green onions (and a smidge of light sour cream on mine) and served with cheesey toast.

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I also fiddled with the polenta again.  Jessica left a comment to try making “chips” so that’s what I did.  Sliced very thin, coated lightly with olive oil, sprinkled with salt, garlic powder and paprika.  Baked in a 450 oven for 20 minutes, turning at the halfway point.


They totally crisped up and were quite yummy!  Unfortunately my timing was off and they were cold by the time I added them to my chili bowl…but I still enjoyed them!


While I read the many entry comments and tweets about the giveaway and caught up on the 6,852 post in Reader we had some tea and cookies.

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What would you substitute for refined white sugar in a cookie recipe?  In this case it can’t be agave (and don’t say artificial sweetener please!).

I guess I should head up to bed.  At least I get to sleep in tomorrow…FH has a class that’s like a 45 minute drive away so it’s silly for me to drive him/pick him up.  I’ll have to move my workout to when he gets home, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing considering I’m tackling Day 2 of Fitnessista’s Iron Pumping.

*kill me now*  eeeeek!  ;)

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Anonymous said...

wow the food looks deeelish!!

misssarahlou said...

Hey Jaime,
chilli looks delicious! I just entered your contest - what a great giveaway!

Sub for refined sugar, I just tried Stevia not sure of your views on this, its all natural i believe??

Ali @ Fat to Fit said...

Hey Jaime,
Depends on the cookie recipe. If it's a sticky kind of cookie, I would try honey, or if you're subbing apple sauce for fat, sometimes you can just use like half the sugar, and it tastes just fine!!

Anonymous said...

Perfect time of year for chili!

PS. Your pics of late look absolutely amazing. I must update my camera situation pronto. ;)

JavaChick said...

I like to buy the organic cane sugar - which is still sugar, but probably less refined (it doesn't tend to be that bright white).

Jessica said...

what about a REALLY ripe banana or stevia???

Jessica said...

ps. thanks for the shout out! :) hehe

Deb said...

I would try 50% brown sugar and 50% honey. Depending how it turns out, you could do all honey the next time, though you might want to reduce the other fat (butter or oil) in it, which is probably fine!