Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Crazy Cloud

haha, I noticed that Blogger now offers the “cloud” option for it’s Labels Widget so I added it to my sidebar…but holy moly would you look at that list! ha!  And I removed about 150 of them.  Guess I need to trim some more.  Can you tell that I randomly input a new label like every time I post? 

Today is a busy day as far as having a zillion little things to get done.  In addition to a couple of time-consuming work projects I’m trying to tackle I also have some personal things I’d really like to do in the next day or two.

  • laundry!
  • wrap and send birthday gifts
  • mail birthday cards


  • write and mail thank you cards



  • make a smoothie featuring Vega since I couldn’t buy Amazing Meal locally yesterday (bummer)


  • hit the gym for Day Two of Fitnessista’s Intro to Iron (stay tuned for complaints regarding my legs and ass!)

Prepared for all of this by making what I had hoped would be a hearty, tasty breakfast.  Um, not.so.much.

I know I’ve mixed pumpkin into my yogurt before but couldn’t remember if I liked it.  (I’m thinking no…).  Since I thawed out some pure pumpkin the other day and have a container of good plain yogurt that needs to be used I decided to try it out (again?).

Plain yogurt, pure pumpkin, drizzle real maple syrup, pumpkin pie spice…


Stirred in whole oats and chopped walnuts


Meh.  Didn’t do it for me.  I added a big sprinkle of crushed peanut butter pretzels so I could choke it down, but I won’t be trying this again.  Not my thing!


At least the coffee was good!  Can you believe I’m still drizzling egg nog in my joe?  It lasts a loooooong time when you only use a sploosh at a time.


OK, that to-do list isn’t going to tackle itself.

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Lex said...

OMG FINALLY you have your labels up!

I can't tell you how many times I've gone through month by month trying to find a post lol.

YAY!!! hahah

It did take me some time to fix my labels and consense them lol.


Jaime (Embracing Balance) said...

haha. I never had them before because the list was WAY too long and my lables are sort of ridiculous. I always use the search function to find stuff.

Jen said...

Yeah, I am not a huge fan of pumpkin in yogurt either...

I always have to check my labels cloud to see if I have something similar...it sucks because sometimes I want the label to be one thing, but I already have one similar...I hate that...

Jackie said...

I've been wondering what the Vega mix was like compared to the Amazing Grass. Is it at all similar?

misssarahlou said...

i hear you on the labels! Mines just as bad, I really need to be more consistent :)

carla said...

hmmm for ME the legcramps are a cry for potassium.
I usually grab a banana and lots of water.

have you tried that at all?