Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Gifts from Home

What’s another metaphor for “running around like a chicken with it’s head cut off”?  Because that was me today! 

After my morning post, I worked.

Then I made lunch so I could eat it…while I worked.


Healthy little snack plate.  On the cutest little homemade plate ever!  You see this plate and adorable little bowl here?  One of my bestest girlfriends made this with her own two handsfor me!!


When I was home for the holidays, Ingmarie presented me with this delightful treat as my belated birthday prezzie.  She always makes my gifts, but it’s usually jewellery so this was a great surprise. 


Anyway…on the little platey is a Gala apple, wedge of brie (80 calories…woooo!), assorted veggies, and Almond Nut-Thins…with some hummus in the dish…


I swear it tasted better just cuz it was on these dishes.  haha.  Thanks again Ing!

Along with the snackies, I refilled my water bottle.  I think I might float away…and I still feel like I drink more! #waterlogged


After the lengthy hump day conference call…you guessed it…I did some more work.  But I pulled myself away at 5:30 because I HAD to get groceries.  It was driving me crazy that I haven’t had a chance to do a proper grocery shop this week. 

I ate this Kashi granola bar on the way out the door so I wouldn’t go shopping hungry…


I had plans to make homemade soup tonight…but by the time I got home it was well after 7pm and I had left poor FH to starve.  We cracked open a can of Habitant Split Pea & Ham soup instead.  If you gotta have canned soup, this is the one to have!


I’m hard pressed to find homemade split pea soup that I like as much.  :)  And it’s pretty good for you too.  One cup serving has only 170 cals and a whopping 10 grams of fibre!  That’ll keep ya regular!  ha!


Enjoyed a couple of half price whole wheat rolls along with the soup…


Mine were toasted and filled with a smidge of mayo and a slice of tomato.


And because the Christmas treats are almost all gone, I just HAD to grab something new at the store.  How could I pass up something called “Brookies”?!  LOL.  Especially from the bakery’s 1/2 price shelf.

038039 040

Cookie meets brownie for only 60 cals each.  How can that be bad?

So now I’m back at my computer catching up on Google Reader completing some more work stuff while FH watches some crazy old movie.  Hopefully that means I get to watch one of my PVR shows after!  *bats eyelashes*

Sleep tight all!  I’m up at the crack of dawn tomorrow.  Here’s hoping my body actual feels like running at 7am.  :)

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Anonymous said...

I think I would end up eating the whole bag of those "brookies" holy YUM!

I love homemade gifts, they're so special. :)

Dairy Free Betty said...

those brownie cookies look insane!! YUM!

Nicole said...

I couldn't be trusted with the cookie/brownie....*laughs* I'd have to have hubby hide them from me....

Amie said...

Ok. Those brookies look AH-mazing! :) So funny about the beginning of your past, bc I started mine with the exact same sentiment today!

Shrinking Jen said...

I wondered if those cookie/brownie things were good! I tried to talk my boyfriend into buying a bag for his sister so I could try just ONE... but he didn't. The problem is if I buy them I will eat the entire bag! You have great restraint!!

Good luck with your run tomorrow... it will be 6am here... that's when I'm waking up. I will send you running vibes!!

MoraPiggy said...

Yum. Everything in this post looks so good. The snack plate, the soup the brownie. Maybe it's just cause I'm preggers, but I want it all.

Love the homemade plate. What a great gift for a food blogger.

Cat said...

ok, first of all, how sweet is ingmarie?? Love the plate and bowl....

Second, I showed breanne the brookie, and she GRABBED my laptop from me and demanded to examine the picture to see the brand....

She's on the hunt...

Angie All The Way said...

I love that soup too and I've got a couple cans in my cupboard waiting for consumption!

You should post a pic of your plate and dipper bowl without food so we can see it. What a great gift!

Ummm....Brookies?!?!?! Must investigate this!

Carolyn said...

OMG Brookies? Yumm! They look delicious!

I love love love brie. I bought some last weekend for New Years and topped it with maple syrup and raisins....YUM!

And I love the gift, that is so thoughtful!

Anonymous said...

I get really bad shoulder pain too. I would die for a massage therapist who could rub it out!! You're super lucky to have met one who "gets it".

- Beth @

Tamara said...

Bring on the brookies. Good Lord why hasn't someone thought of this before?

Habitant also makes that soup without ham. It still has meat source ingredients but when I really want pea soup, I conveniently forget that. :)

Jennie said...

Mmm those Brookies look good! I think I've heard of those. My incurable sweet tooth has kind of disappeared though, which is unusual and weird :(

Alison said...

TOO yummy - they wouldn't survive in my house, good thing I've never found them before! You should try the WW recipe for split pea soup, it's surprisingly good, easy to make and healthy(plus)! Love your blog, you're a real inspiration as I start my own!