Saturday, January 30, 2010

Girls Night In

Last night FH had a couple of buddies over for another rousing round of Beatles Rock Band.  He has now downloaded a couple more albums so they had a whole new repertoire to work from.  I decided to call up the other wives and see if they wanted to get together and give the boys their space.  We opted to grab some snacks and a movie and hunker down over at Cosette’s house.

(I apologize now for the picture quality…I just used my point & shoot and didn’t really worry about lighting or anything.  Sorry!)

Joanne and I hopped in the car and headed over to Coco’s.  On our way, we grabbed some snacks at the grocery store.  We brought the junk food! 

Look out people!  I know you love these!  Broooookies!!  haha.  (For those of you that didn’t see these the last time I bought them…they are half brownie/half cookie…and the comments went wild when I posted about them.  LOL.)

IMG_8598 IMG_8600

I made sure to leave the leftovers behind for Mark otherwise they might have been breakfast today. 

We also contributed Swedish Berries, Twizzlers, and Kettle Chips.


Thankfully Coco can always be relied on for the healthy snacks!  Veggies, hummus, spinach dip, yummy rustic rye? bread, lavash crackers…


And lots of tea and water. 


I actually brought her this fabulous tea from Silk Road in Victoria.  Super fabulous little store carrying a zillion types of organic loose leaf tea (among other things).  AngelWater has always been my favorite…I really should drink it more often.


We watched It’s Complicated (shhhh…don’t ask where it came from…Thanks Sarah!!).  Soooooo good.  I really didn’t expect much, but it’s a very smart script, well told and really funny.  Let me just say that I truly believe…

Alec Baldwin is the new William Shatner

You can quote me on that if you like.  :)


Anyway, Joanne and I didn’t roll home until like 3am.  The boys were still kind of playing but shut it down after a finale encore.  Amazingly, Mark and FH stayed up and watched a movie after that.  Crazy boys!

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Anonymous said...

Glad you had a fun girls night!

Heather said...

Sounds like fun! I love having girls night's :D

Anonymous said...

Sounds like an awesome night!

The brookies look delicious too...I have my grocery guy on the yogurt issue, btw!

He is fairly sure they are not carrying it anymore though.


Just means I have to ride out to the East Coast for my fix!