Thursday, January 28, 2010


The afternoon got away from me and man…I got grouchy

Tried to smooth it over with peanut butter pretzels


and Lemon Liberte right from the container…


I did get a happy package in the mail from Tarilyn though, so that cheered me up!!  Teeny tiny bonus giveaway coming soon!!  :)


Made hot chocolate for a pick-me-up…but when I steamed the milk, the machine flooded for some reason…so it kind of lost the soothing factor as I mopped up the mess. Not much help to my mood.  Grrrrrr.


Come dinner time I wasn’t really hungry due to all of the snacking, but I knew if I didn’t attempt a meal I’d keep snacking all night long.  So I baked up a sweet potato…sliced half-moon style…with lots of salt and a sprinkle of cayenne.

Topped with some herby goat cheese…that totally made it!


Our veggie selection is entirely depleted, so I chopped up a whole tomato as my side…sprinkled simply with salt & pepper. 


After which, I promptly passed out on the couch.  Didn’t even know I was tired.  Ever notice when you are in a pissy mood that sometimes a nap just happens? 

Just snacked on the last of the cantaloupe and a couple of Mayan Sparklers to finish the evening.  I think tomorrow requires a fruit and veggie restock!  So much snacking today makes me feel like I should eat nothing but salad tomorrow!

024 027

Of course, I am eating out tomorrow night…so maybe the veggies can wait.  :)

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Anonymous said...

EEEE you got the package! It's funny to see it on your blog, I feel famous! LOL

Glad you're happy with it! xoxo


Jess said...

lol your blog always manages to make me smile:) You rock

Cat said...

I'll bet you're the prettiest grumper in all of Halifax tonight.....

Anonymous said...

I woke up grumpy this morning... world watch out!

Anonymous said...

Hope you have a better day today!

Anonymous said...

Your "angry nap" reminds me of Lindsay from Arrested Development... lol.

Shirls said...

pissy mood = nap, yep totally, thank god cause normally I wake up happier ;0)