Thursday, January 14, 2010

Happy Feet!

…and knees…and hips…and lower back!

What’s the answer to achy joints and chronic creeks and groans?

New shoes!!  (OK, it’s one answer not THE answer…but still…yay!)


Lucky me received Running Room gift cards from my Mom and my Grandpa for my birthday way back in November.  I had originally intended on putting them towards a heart rate monitor, but then FH got me that so instead I was able to get new shoes.  I finally got in there last week to get them, but of course they had to order in my size…but just a week later I have happy feet!


Asics GT-2150s.  (random fact: Amy and I wear the same shoes)

057 058

I had always worn Nike or New Balance in the past but was NEVER happy or truly comfortable.  Having said that, it’s not like I ever did much in the way of running or sports before either.  I didn’t really focus on needing good footwear until we moved to Halifax two years ago and I decided to join a gym and try running, etc.  The sports I had tried before (yoga, rowing and kickboxing) didn’t require athletic shoes.

I tried on pair after pair at regular shoe stores and just could not find any that I was really comfortable in.  Arch supports always in the wrong place, or my heels would slip, or toes would pinch.  I wear a relatively large shoe for a woman (10) so finding my size was an issue too.  Finally, I sucked it up and went to RR.  The guy there worked with me for a solid half hour trying on several styles and brands of shoes…in the end I walked out with the first pair he recommended.  Asics 2130s.  Heaven I tell you! 

Admittedly I’ve been milking those shoes for two years which is a HUGE no-no.  No wonder my body aches.  Especially because the majority of my running is on the treadmill.  Those shoes may still look pretty much new, but trust me my friends they are NOT.  So, I didn’t even look for other brands this time…I just went in and asked for the new version of my shoes, et voila! I swear!

This morning I took them for their inaugural run at the gym.  Supah bright white! ha!  Especially because I also got new supah bright white socks!  But the feeling is night and day.  I’m sure within the week, my body will be thanking me profusely.  :)

Do you have a preferred running/training shoe?  What?  Why?

Gym time:

  • Cruddy 20 minute treadmill run.  Just over 2km, but it was sucky.  I don’t know where my energy was, but certainly not with me.  Booo.  But better than a kick in the arse I suppose.
  • Core work.  If I don’t cardio it up, I beat it up.  Beat up my abs.  3 sets of 12: hamstring curls on the ball, crunches, reverse crunches, side to sides with 2kg ball.  3 x 30 second plank.

On the way to the gym I munched on half of a Peanut Butter Cookie Larabar.


Once home I chowed down on some toast made with my favorite bread.  Sunflower Flax.  Yum!


One with peanut butter & banana


And one with peanut butter & raspberry jam


With, what else? Coffee!


Broke into another pack from my birthday loot box…Italian Roast.  Not as dark and rich as I expected, but yummy nonetheless.


Mucho work and such to get done.  FH and I are off to the Symphony with Lynn and her hubby tonight thanks to another wicked Twitter win.  :)  Time is crunched!

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Amy said...

Yours are SOOOO much nicer than mine. Its a good thing they're friggin comfy.

Odd question: Did you feel a little bit of extra pressure like around the ball of your foot? I think they added some extra stability... and it kinda bugs me off and on.

Jaime (Embracing Balance) said...

Oddly enough I didn't realize there was more than one color...when they ordered mine in they didn't offer me a color choice. I just assumed mine would look like yours. Have to say I'm happy because I love blue! :)

I didn't notice the ball of my foot thing yet...but having said that I felt weird running in brand new shoes so it might take a few tries before I start noticing things like that. I will let you know.

jessica said...

I have Asics too!! Mine are Gel Cumulus or something...


Ex Yo-Yo Dieter Debbie said...

Nice sneakers!

I LOVE Asics too.

BTW, if you ever go to the States, you usually can get the exact same sneakers for about $40-$50 less than The Running Room at Famous Footwear.

I did that twice while I lived in Canada, both times Asics GT's___(current model).

Sorry Running Room! :)

Tamara said...

Of the shoes I've owned that I liked I've had Asics, New Balance, and my current absolute faves which I will NOT be straying from: Mizunos. Awesome, lightweight and a large 'toe box'. I can't wear Nikes, they are too narrow and I tried Saucony once and thought I loved them but ultimately they sucked for running but made an excellent walking shoe.

Yay for new shoes!

Vanessa said...

Is it bad that I don't know what kind of Asics mine are? They're comfy. And red. So...that makes up for it, right?

I better still have the box, or I'm screwed when I go to replace them with new ones. :P

Ruth Rogers said...

I LOVE your new shoes. I'm sure they will treat you very well :) Enjoy the runs

H-woman said...

Happy feet = Happy H!

I'm not an Asics girl, in fact I've gone Nike, but I completely hear ya. I hate that they 'improve' them every year though. If it ain't broke, don't fix it!! (And trust me, I'll tell you when it's broken)

H =)

JavaChick said...

Running Room may be pricey, but I've found they really do work hard to help you find the right shoes. I have a hard time finding shoes in my size for the opposite reason - I wear a small size (usually size 6 for sneakers) and they usually don't have many options for me to try. The last couple of times they've ended up ordering shoes in for me.