Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Healthy Carbs

After a really productive conference call I was sooooo ready for a snack.  Wisely, I knew this would happen and had thawed out a VitaMuffin earlier in the day.  Cran-Bran…so far, my favorite!

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With red grapes…also my favorite!

As per Wednesday’s habit I worked late to catch up on things that popped up during the meeting so dinner had to be quick and easy (seems typical around here lately doesn’t it?!)

Taking inventory on the freezer led me to perogies!  Now, FH was reluctant because we didn’t have any bacon, but I like my perogies with onions and mushrooms so he agreed.

How I make my perogies healthy-ish:

Now, there’s nothing wrong with a little doughy potato action every once in a while.  The key is portion control (calorie-wise they aren’t really all that bad) and not cooking them in a bunch of grease.

  • While boiling the perogies, heat 1tbsp olive oil at med-high in a large non-stick pan.  Sautee your chopped onions and mushrooms until browned and soft.  If your pan gets dry, add a little water or stock to soften things up.  Season as desired (we just use s&p).  Remove veggies from pan and reduce heat to medium.


  • Drain boiled perogies. 
  • (Here’s where I buttered up FH’s to help make up for the lack of bacon.)  Melt butter to bubbling, add grated garlic, then add perogies, season, and cook til lightly crisp on each side. 


  • Add some of the mushrooms and onions back to the pan until warm, then serve.  (When I emptied his portion out onto the plate, I made sure all of the butter went with it.)
  • Then you are left with just a smear of butter remnants in the pan…this is what I use to cook mine.  I get the taste of butter without all of the grease and fat.  Add some grated garlic, cook til crispy on both sides, then add the mushrooms and onions until warm and serve. 

Hope that made sense! 

Alternatively, if you aren’t using bacon or butter for your companion’s dinner…then just use either a smidge of olive oil or cooking spray.

Four perogies served with half a plate of steamed veggies.  Best of both worlds!

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A little light sour cream for dipping (salsa is good too!).


Nom nom nom!

Managed to finally get through that to-do list from yesterday (oh, gotta go put laundry in dryer!) and now just enjoying tea and Google Reader.  Guess it’s almost bedtime since tonight I’d like to sleep in our bed, not on the couch! 


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Vanessa said...

Perogies are the best!

Marisa (Loser for Life) said...

Cranbran is one of my faves! Deep chocolate is my number one!

Mmm... your pierogies look delicious!

Natalie said...

Perogies.... Drool....

Ex Yo-Yo Dieter Debbie said...

Thanks for posting how to cook perogies...I've never tried because I wasn't sure what to do with them.

Jessica said...

I heart perogies! Also you photos are looking fabulous!

colleen said...

hey crazy -- I had perogies last night too....I had some leftover dough and filling from making my own over the weekend so I taught my partner how to make them with me! We didn't have good veggies on the side though. He had sausages though, I suppose. Anyway, yours look awesome, and I had never thought of frying with mushrooms!

Anonymous said...

i have to ask..what does FH stand for? haha i know this is probably really obvious, but oh well.

Jaime (Embracing Balance) said...

FH = future husband

I don't like to use my family's names online so the fiance gets an acronym! Which is fitting because he's Navy and his whole job is acronyms!

Heather said...

I have actually never had a

But it looked good :)

Kim said...

I have no idea what a perogie is! I thought I would be able to tell from your picture. Nope. haha. I'll add it to my "to google" list!