Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Hungry Hungry, um Girl!

I’m a bottomless pit today! 

Working out more, getting up earlier, and returning to portion control is making me hungry!

In the continuing attempt to use up the food on hand, I concocted a croissammich for lunch today.  Croissant sandwich for those of you that don’t speak Jaime.  :)

Croissant toasted in the oven…with a little light mayo, sliced tomatoes, and salami…


With a chopped kiwi


For those of you that asked…NO, I don’t eat the skin.  Ewwww.  Yesterday I was in a hurry so I didn’t bother peeling them…I just ate them like orange wedges.  I don’t recommend that though because the skin can “burn” your tongue.

A little while later I reheated some coffee and looked through the pantry for an afternoon snack.  I spied this Caramel Macchiato Biscotti my Mom put in my stocking.


Holy deeeelish.  Angie has mentioned these before but I didn’t realize they have a little icing on them.  Super yummy treat!  Only 160 calories. 


I spent the better part of the afternoon tackling a big work project.  Not too hard but lots of staring at the computer so I took a little break a couple of hours in.  I felt hungry AGAIN, but figure it’s probably because I’m a bit dehydrated. 

Not really feeling the love of plain old water, so I decided to mix up a cranberry-soda cocktail…fancy! ha!


And a little handful of Almond Nut-Thins just for the snack factor…


Gee, blog posts are a lot more boring when we’re back to work eh?  The rest of my afternoon was spent finishing that project and working about an hour late.  Didn’t get to run my errands yet AGAIN.  Ah well, it felt great to cross that project off my to-do list…it was bugging me that I was behind on it.

Instead of trying to wrangle up a time-consuming dinner, we went the simple route.  FH ate up some leftover spaghetti from the freezer and I made myself a bigass salad

Baby spinach, grape tomatoes, carrots, yellow pepper, & mini cucumber…


Dressed with a scoop of hummus, drizzles of olive oil and balsamic, and s&p…


Served with a few spanakopita and tzatziki


So deeelish!!  I love those little things.  Lucky for me FH isn’t a fan.  More for me!  haha.

I randomly grabbed another croissant shortly after dinner too.  Didn’t even stop to take a picture.  *gulp*

Dessert was this crazy little white chocolate Santa that came in the Christmas bag my friend Mel gave me.  There’s something to be said for really good chocolate


Told you…bottomless pit!!

I curled up with my heat pack…back to gym = stiff bad shoulder…and promptly dozed off on the couch for an hour.  oooops.

We’re now drinking tea and I’m avoiding the open bag of chocolate covered almonds (well, trying!).  Hopefully I finally sleep solidly tonight.  Not a super early morning tomorrow since FH drives himself on Wednesdays.  Nice.

Nighty night y’all!

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H-woman said...

You know it's bad when you're craving veggies...the picture of your salad made me drool a little (sorry, tmi!). Are the spanagotta whatevers really good? They look yummy...

How's your cold? Hope your shoulder feels better soon!

H =)

Lainey said...

I am also a bottomless pit today, but I don't seem to have the restraint that you have.

Kim said...

LOVE kiwi! They are so expensive this time of year though! I need to hit Sprouts and find some for cheap!

Jenny said...

I, too, was a bottomless pit today... don't know what it was but it has to stop! haha!

The breakfast place we went to was 'Blue Fox' on Fort- so yummy!! And I love that they try to use as much local (or all maybe?) as they can. Have you been?

Have a great night and day tomorrow,

Jennie said...


carla said...

what is UP with that?
Ive been Snackers McGee all week so far as well...

I think its the lack of sleep here too...makes me crave the sugars.



Anonymous said...

What you talking about boring post?? Your food has got me drooling and it's not even 9am!! Mmmm salami!! :)

Moi said...

OMG - I am going to the grocery store after work to copy your croissammich and your hummas salad. Yummie!! You may think you are a bottomless pit but at least you are making good choices. You do need to eat more when you exercise anyway!!

Tamara said...

I forget: do you make that spanakopita or buy it? And if so, where? I want some!

Next time you're in a hurry, cut the kiwi in half (either way, cups or boats) and dig it out with a spoon.