Monday, January 11, 2010

I’m a Rebel!

*groan*  I wonder how many bloggers have used that title when they posted about their sweetass brand new Canon Rebel DSLR Camera ?!! 

Wooooooooooooo! :)


So ya.  I mentioned a few times that I got myself a sweet Boxing Day treat, and dropped a few hints, but unless you were actually paying attention or following my Tweets on Boxing Day then you wouldn’t know what that treat was.  Or maybe you don’t care. ha!

I’d been saving a few bucks here and there for some sort of something come Boxing Day…I hadn’t completely decided whether I would go ahead and buy a camera…or if I did, I was still tossing ideas around about brands, makes and models.  I pretty much let the sales dictate what I was going to do.

So come Boxing Day, while sitting cozy on my Mom’s couch I decided to peruse a few websites to see who was offering what.  I’m not a big fan of actual live Boxing Day sales.  Who wants to fight crowds when it’s so easy to shop at home?!

Long story short, Future Shop had a deal I couldn’t refuse.  Canon EOS Rebel XSi with standard EF-S 18–55mm f/3.5-5.6 IS lens, UV filter and carrying case (plus later I discovered an extra battery too) for less than $600.  Um, SOLD!  I also added the 50mm f/1.8 II lens and a few other accessories.  (Thanks to Amy for answering my questions about what accessories and extra lens to get!!)


To add to the awesomeness…I ordered this while still in BC, but it was shipped right away and delivered the day I got back to NS.  Happy New Year to me!!  :)

436 437 430432 434440

So now the challenge is to learn enough to make use of this baby!  At this point I’ve really just puttered around, read a bit of the manual and twisted all the dials and pushed all of the buttons.  In fact, I just put the 50mm lens on yesterday.  I’ve been waiting for a day to head outside and do some nature shots, but we’ve jammed out and cozied up in the house each time because it’s cold out there dammit!

Anywho, stay tuned for the many adventures that will be me fiddling around with my first ever non-point and shoot camera.  It’ll either be interesting or completely disastrous.  ha!

014 015020 028033055 065076 088095


096 154178161170175  

Clearly I have no idea what I am doing!

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Natalie said...

The pictures look great. It seems you're getting the hang of it pretty quick!

Dairy Free Betty said...

funny! Those are all the things I took pictures of when I got my camera!! hhehe... :)

There are lots of websites that give great info!!

H-woman said...

I love that Elvis hangs out in your Christmas tree!

H =)

Anonymous said...

So jealous!! I would love to get a DSLR! Have fun with it!

Rachel said...

ooo! So happy for you! I'd love to have a tool like that, but alas, I only have the skill set for a point and shoot and no confidence at all that I would take the time to learn anything more complicated. Maybe someday :) Looking forward to hearing what you learn.

Jen said...

So far - your pics look great!! you totally look like you know what you are doing!

And I agree, there are a MILLION sites out there to learn all kinds of stuff!!!

I didn't use that title when I got mine - oh wait, I didn't mention mine on my blog until BRIEFLY 3 months later - what a ditz I am!!!

I think I must get the tripod and the 50mm lens!! (I also want the BIG telephoto, like 300mm or something??? I have the 250 but apparently NEED something more...

The Coolest Cool said...

Sweet pics! Super Jealous - I've been wanting to get my hands on a Rebel for quite some time. I'll definitely have to try and grab one in the new year. PS: Love the fact that the King is on your Tree...

Vanessa said...

I am insanely jealous and madly in love with your new toy. Enjoy!

Nellers said...

Awesome camera!! My friend just got one too and she's been posting pictures like crazy on Facebook. I love how sharp everything looks!

Health and Happiness said...

Just found your blog! I smiled when I saw your header with the flying veggies. It's so cute! Great breakfast cookie recipe, I have all the ingredients so I'm going to go ahead and make that now!