Friday, January 22, 2010

It’s all about ME!

Awww, sooooo sorry to those of you that didn’t win this morning.  I had no idea so many of you were crossing your fingers and toes.  :)  Rest assured, there will be many more opportunities for fun freebies in coming weeks!

For any new people stopping by I thought I would throw out a few links to help you see who I am and what my blog is all about.  I’m slow on the road to getting an About Me page happening! But I know it’s a pain in the arse to arrive at a new blog and not know what the heck is going on…so here’s bit of insight into the life of moi!

OK, enough self-promotion! Wanna know anything else, just ask.

Until then, look at my food

Lunch!  Leftovers make the best salad toppers

Last night’s chicken chopped up and reheated with couscous and black beans


Piled on top of a mix of baby spinach (because the two cups in my smoothie just weren’t enough!), grape tomatoes, and Fig Balsamic dressing…

IMG_0986 IMG_0990

The topping was a bit bland so I lived it up with some homemade Italian vinegrette I had hanging out in the fridge.

Deeeelish.  I love something warm on top of a spinach salad…it gets a bit wilty and extra yummy.  :)

Tossed few multigrain Tostitos on the side because no salad is complete without something crunchy.


Afternoon snacky is some red grapes and light cheddar.  Keeping it light and simple because tonight I’m meeting some girlfriends for a Thai food feast!  Soooooo excited!!!!  I haven’t had Thai food in like two years.  FH doesn’t like ethnic food so I rely on friends for these tasty meals.  Can’t freaking wait!!


Andas if I haven’t talked about myself enough already

…head on over to FoodFashionFitness and check out the interview I did for Ali.  Maybe you’ll learn something about me you never knew!  :)



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Kim said...

Just read your interview. Princess Bride is MY favorite movie =-)

Anonymous said...

Cute interview Jaime! :)

Syl said...

Thanks for the insight on your life. I always wondered if you were naturally thin and living healthy life style or if you lost weight along the way.

Congrats on your successes I love reading your blog!

Laura said...

I'm new, I just found your blog & i'm in love. I read about 20 entries.

Off to read the interview