Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Lasagna Salad

After my last post, I had to eat dinner at the speed of light.

I give you…Lasagna Salad


And by salad I mean greens tossed with dressing.  :)


Topped with lasagna.  Fancy I know!

Then we ran out the door to catch the early showing of Sherlock Holmes.  We made the mistake of trying to see this last Friday night and we could barely find parking let alone navigate our way through the theatre line-ups.  It was insane!!  Is Avatar really THAT good? 

I always get movie theatre popcorn.  It’s one indulgence I refuse to totally give-up.  I workout and eat healthy just so I can splurge on occasions like this (ok, not ONLY for this but you know what I mean!).

For some reason I got the medium size.  I think I thought FH might share…but he had ice cream.  Um, so I kinda ate it all by myself.  Which in and of itself is not the end of the world…but, I, um, well, I sorta got a bigass bag of Peanut Butter M&M’s too. *cough* This is what happens when left to daydream in the concession line for too long.


I now have a belly ache.  That’ll learn me!

The good news is that I really liked the movie!! Who doesn’t love Robert Downey Jr. (the comeback king!)?

I’m off to continue flushing myself out with water and hope that the sugar doesn’t keep me up all night. 

Tomorrow morning I have to drop my car at the shop after the gym, so my plan is to get a little outdoor run in…the shop is only a couple km from the house and the mornings have been pretty mild this week.  I’m a little afraid…it’s been two months since I ran outside.  eeeeeek!

Nighty night.

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Nicci@NiftyEats said...

Looks like a good lasagna in a salad to me.

misssarahlou said...

LOVE Robert Downey Jr - cant wait to see this film!

Ps Avatar IS THAT good!

Counting Girl said...

I love peanut butter m&m's. Oh so tasty.

I totally enjoyed Avatar...and Sherlock Holmes!

Lynn said...

Glad you enjoyed the movie, don't beat yourself up too much over the treats - it's not like you do it all the time.

Have a great run outside today, the temps have been great for it! :)

Connie B said...

Nothing like that movie popcorn!!

Krista said...

Yes, Avatar is that good!! (In my opinion anyways). If your going to try to see it, try to see it in 3D...wicked!!

Your a girl after my own heart...pb M & Ms!!! I wouldn't be able to resist either.

jessica said...

yay!! I can access your blog again!! oh happy day!!

LOVE the lasagna salad idea ;) Delicious yet healthy!

Also, where did you get those freaking arms?? WOW! So toned! :)

~Melanie said...

Best movie food combo ever! And there's no way I could give it up either! It's a once in a while treat. Every second time I usually try and get a small popcorn and bring my own smaller sweet treat to save on calories. But really, movie popcorn is SO worth it!

Angie All The Way said...

Yup they totally get ya when you walk into the doors and get that glorious waft of popcorn smell...yum! My fav used to be sprinkling glossette peanuts in with the popcorn for "surprise treats" in the dark theatre and you wouldn't know "when" you get yummy chocolate mixed in :-)

I wasn't a "big" fan of Sherlock Holmes, but RD Jr. totally made it with his quirky spin on the character for sure.

Natalie said...

I can't cut out the movie popcorn either. I don't go to movies often so I feel completely okay with having popcorn on occasion. I just count it and move on :D

JavaChick said...

I really enjoyed Avatar and was glad that I saw it at the theatre. The visuals are beautiful.

Would love to see Sherlock Holmes, but doubtful that I'll be able to drag Husband out to that.

Kim said...

Yupp... I'm with the majority on this one. PB M&Ms and movie popcorn is the ultimate combo. Totally a nice treat!

I also agree that Avatar IS that good. And I'm glad you like SH! I want to see it!

MoraPiggy said...

Passing on the movie theatre popcorn is tough. I've probably only managed a handful of times.

Why not top some greens with a slice of lasagna? Sounds good to me.

Saw Avatar, Loved Avatar.