Sunday, January 24, 2010

Last Night’s Lasagna

Warning:  Those of you that have a drool impulse may wish to look away!  :)

Lovely lasagna a la FH!!


It’s massive!!  You may see this on the blog for days to come. 


I had a half piece…which sorta fell apart upon serving…with a bigass plate o’ salad along side…


In the salad: sassy mixed greens, grape tomatoes, yellow pepper, and carrots…drizzled with homemade vinagrette…


Today I’m just enjoying a quiet day around the abode.  FH is out visiting a buddy.

On the agenda:

  • mucho quality TV time
  • a lululemon cheer gear order
  • maybe some reading
  • doing my nails (they are in dire need)
  • leftover Thai food
  • finally, a return to yoga.  Quality restorative stretching, come to mama!
  • cuddling Mr. Stoopy whether he likes it or not. :)


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Anonymous said...

Oh, I was going to beg for the recipe until I saw that FH made it so it's probably not health food! Your salad is beautiful, though.

Your Mr. Stoopy looks a lot like my Frankie! Handsome guy.

Carol said...

I made a massive lasanga like that a few weeks back, but it immediately got portioned up and tucked away in the freezer! Yum!
Love Mr. Stoopy...I also have tuxedos, Giorgio Armani and Coco Chanel. Fancy coats call for fancy names.

Jaime (Embracing Balance) said...

Tuxedo kitties are the bestest! :)

Love the kitty names, Carol. Too creative!

Indeed that is NOT a healthy lasagna. Hence the teeny tiny portion and giant salad with it on my plate. LOL. FH is a good cook but he doesn't do healthy!

Cat said...

I miss my Mr.Stoopy.....he's so lovely.

Tell FH that I'm coming over for lasagna when he's home from the long trip.....

Bec said...

The cheer gear stuff looks so good I am definitely getting some soon!

Jenny said...

LOL I love your kitty! Looks SO cute! Don't know how my little dogger would like him!! haha!