Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Latte Lull


I shouldn’t be tired…I actually fell asleep at a reasonable time last night and slept pretty soundly.  (Poor FH did not…I think I jinxed him…sorry honey!). I did get up extra early again to drive him to work though, even though it’s my off day from working out.  It’s just such a huge pain and a long walk in the cold if he drives himself and has to park.  Stupid base parking (or lack thereof).

Anywho, since I was out and about at 7am I managed to get to the bank machine, drop of the three mothering huge bags of donations, and hit the grocery store.  Oh, and stopped at Starbucks!  :)


Grande non-fat vanilla latte, extra hot.  Which I enjoyed while catching up on Google Reader before starting work for the day.

Paired with a chunk of this freaking awesome granola bar I picked up at Gleneagle Bakery last night. 


It’s huge.  I put it next to this Kashi bar for comparison.  You can see why I cut 1/3 off for my morning snack…

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I don’t think I’m used to grande sized lattes anymore.  All that warm milk made me groggy.  Coffee?  What coffee?  zzzzzzzzz.

Decided I’d better make a green smoothie to energize myself a bit.  This concoction isn’t as tasty as usual.  I have to remember not to use raspberries…I don’t like the acidity mixed with the other ingredients.


In the KA today:  1/2 cup frozen Farm Girl raspberries, 1/2 very small banana, 1/2 packet of Amazing Grass Chocolate Amazing Meal, flax meal, two handfuls baby spinach and unsweetened vanilla Almond Breeze.


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Today’s photos brought to you by the standard 18-55mm lens.  I like that this lens has zoom capabilities, but it is lacking on that nice and easy fuzzy background.  Still, more functionality available with this one so I think I’ll play around with it some more…  :)

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Jen said...

oh yum - seriously girl, you are KILLING me with food porn lately!!!

Can I marry you?

Anonymous said...

I only ever get cappucino from Starbucks... I may branch out and try the latte. yum!