Sunday, January 24, 2010

Long, Slow, Sunday

Today was such a calm, yet productive, day! 

We slept in a bit this morning, but nothing too crazy…just enough!  Since we had an indulgent diner breakfast yesterday, I opted to make oatmeal today.

I’m addicted to Chocolate Coconut Banana oats!!


Added some hulled hemp seeds to today’s bowl…


With coffee in my most favoritest mug…  :)


After checking a few fun things from my to-do list (Dear lululemon, I swear I’m keeping at least one of your ambassadors employed!) I was very excited to dive into my Thai leftovers.

OMG, red curry makes the best leftovers!!!


So good.


After this I decided to scrap re-painting my toenails and reading in order to head outside.  It’s still super cold and there’s lots of snow on the ground, but the sun was shining and it was gorgeous. I’ve been waiting for an opportunity to take James Dean (um yes, I just named the Rebel…*giggles*) on a field trip and today was the day!!

I decided to take one new lesson from Pioneer Woman’s photography tips and work with it today.  Headed off to the BLT trail…where I usually walk/run in the other seasons.

BLT Trail

I used the 35mm lens for the walk in… the goal was to fiddle with the aperture and depth of field. (Totally sound like I know what I’m talking about, right? ha!)

[mouse over the photos to see the aperture…]

f/4.5 f/3.5 f/5.6 f/4.5f/22 f/4.5

On the way out, I switched to the 50mm lens and continued to switch the aperture in and out

f/1.8f/22f/1.8 f/1.8 f/22 f/1.8

I find it very difficult to tell what the actual photo will look like from looking at the view screen.  Many photos I think aren’t great, turn out fabulous once uploaded!!  Huge learning curve!!

Clearly, I’m still totally loving the 50mm with a large aperture. :)

It was a brisk 40 minute, 2km walk.  So lovely!  But I was freezing from all the stopping and starting (and I’m not sure the camera loved being outside that long either).  My runny nose and I were happy to get back into the car.


How’s that for a close-up? Yeeesh.

As soon as I got home, I changed my clothes and packed up my yoga mat so I could head of to a nice warm vinyasa class (I think it’s vinyasa…don’t quote me on that!) at Breathing Space

Long, Slow, Deep
Longer held restorative postures in a heated room! The perfect combination for a deep release to create freedom through the connective tissues. Breath deep and enjoy the stillness while taping into a deep inner peace.

It was a lovely practice, although I can sure tell I haven’t gone in a long, long time.  My hips and triceps will likely hate me tomorrow but it was totally worth it. 

When I got home, dinner was the first thing on my mind.  You know I went straight for the leftover lasagna and another one of my signature bigass salads.

Reheated the lasagna in the oven (the microwave just doesn’t do it justice!!)…


While waiting I made the salad:  spinach, cucumber, carrots, and tomatoes…dressed with balsamic vinagrette


The lasagna actually looks like lasagna tonight, it held it’s shape. :)


The rest of our evening will be spent just chillaxing and hoping for something interesting on TV.  I might partake in a hot bath and read with some tea or something.  Seems the best way to end such a lovely day.  :)

How was your Sunday?  Do something interesting, fun or especially relaxing?

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Allison said...

Leftover Lasagna is the best!

I had a great Sunday - just getting lots of things checked off the to-do list :)

Ali @ Fat to Fit said...

Love the last picture of the close up in the snow - so pretty! You'll be an expert in no time flat, I'm sure. Just when I thought your food pictures couldn't look any yummier - you go and get a fancy schmancy new camera!

Jenny said...

Is there anything better than left over pasta anything?! LOOKS SO GOOD- as usual!

I love the pics you took of your walk, especially the one of the snow on the evergreen tree- reminds me of home (Newfoundland)!

My Sunday wasn't as productive but it was nice none-the-less... spent time with hubbys fam and caught up with some of mine!

Have a super week!

Connie B said...

Love leftover lasagna!! Nice snow shots!!

Ex Yo-Yo Dieter Debbie said...

Just a question: Did you get Mr. Stoopy in Halifax? He is identical (right down to the white spot on his face) to my cat Goober, who was a Halifax cat. (I had to have poor Goober put to sleep last month.) Hugs to Mr. Stoopy :)

The resemblance between them is really something!

Lady J said...

You're doing amazingly well with James Dean and duuuuuhh, it only took me most of the day to figure that out. One of my all time fav actors and movies!! I knew I raised a smart little cookie. ;o))

Anonymous said...

I love the pics of the close up things... the branch etc. You inspire me to get my camera out and see what I can do!

Ruth Rogers said...

You are a great photographer. You have a lot of talent!