Thursday, January 28, 2010

Morning Chill

FYI: 14 minutes of Booty Booster combined with a 3 hour conference call (sitting on butt) and 2 hour movie (sitting on butt) makes for stiff hamstrings and calves the next day. Just sayin’.

I thought things might loosen up at the gym, but no such luck because I pretty much raced through my workout and totally had to cut the cardio portion right off.  Today was day three (week two) of Intro to Iron which is mostly upper body with a bit of other body love thrown in.

Normally I’d tackle 20-30 minutes cardio afterwards but today I had to run my car to the shop for it’s annual provincial inspection so I decided to use the shop near our house and jog home.

Turns out it’s barely 2km…but it’s pretty much all uphill…and covered in a whole lotta ice!  So my run was more of a jog/walk combo.  Better than nothing, but not what I had hoped for.  I do have to walk the 2km back to get my car later though so that’s good.


aaaand I got to wear my coolio lululemon running gloves that Amy got for me!  Slightly disappointing in that they didn’t keep my fingers any warmer than my regular gloves (my fingers FREEZE easily and quickly).


…but I did like the softness of the exterior when I rubbed my snotty nose face.  :)

When I got home I went straight for the blender.  Gotta get a couple of servings of fruit and veg in my system!

In the KA:  ice, 1/2 banana, 1 tbsp honey PB, 2 tsp flax meal, 2 cups baby spinach, 8 oz unsweetened chocolate Almond Breeze


Not toooo shabby!  (I totally went to order my Amazing Meal today but my wallet is in my car…I didn’t want to run with my purse!)

Followed closely by coffeeeeeeee and a cranberry-bran Vitamuffin

IMG_1348 IMG_1349


For lunch I needed some protein, so I opened up a can of tunaAdded to it: plain yogurt, grainy dijon mustard, chopped pickles, green onions and lots of ground pepper…


Rolled up in two small ancient grains tortillas with mixed greens…


Cukes on the side.


After which I got the call that my car needs it’s rear brakes done.  Boooo!  I just barely paid off Christmas and now this. Lame-o!  I sorta figured this was coming…but was hoping I could squeak another six months (or year!) outta them.  Damn safety!  Geeeeze.  ;)

This might call for a cookie this afternoon.

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Cat said...

That person you see breaking into your car to steal your purse...that's me....

Anonymous said...

Apparently we share the same taste in Lululemon; I have those gloves too! =)

Shirls said...

I have those same gloves!! in light grey but you know the "same" ;0)

Lainey said...

What is this about a provincial inspection? I don't think we have that here in Alberta...either that, or I'm in big trouble!

LOL at Cat! *giggle*

Jaime (Embracing Balance) said...

It's an NS thing...we didn't have it in BC either.

It is actually a great safety measure, but also kind of a money grab for any of the service stations that do the inspections.

Anonymous said...

My workouts were really tightening up my hamstrings too and I finally broke down and got a half hour massage! (that I couldn't afford).

I don't understand how you can make even tuna salad amazing.