Monday, January 04, 2010

Not too Shabby

Pretty much got sucked into the PVR tonight.  It’s super fun to tune in and see what recorded when we go away for two weeks.  Helloooo Eastwick!  :)

Didn’t really need a whole lunch today due to the late breakfast, so made a small snack plate instead…


Hummus, salami, veggies, and Almond Nut-Thins.


Finished the last handful of Peppermint Crunch Junior Mints for an afternoon sugar rush


Unbelievably I carried that half eaten box around in my suitcase for my entire trip and never polished it off!

Wanna know something amazing?  I lasted the whole two weeks since the Survivor season finale without finding out who won. Too bad that I wasted over an hour watching it on the PVR tonight only to be disappointed in who won.  Bugger.

FH was out with a buddy so come dinner time I took the easy route.  Heated up some of last night’s pork tenderloin

IMG_8208 IMG_8210

And steamed a huge side of carrots and broccoli


Didn’t bother adding a carb because I knew I’d want to dive into some chips later.  :)


The holidays snacks are slowly depleting.  Until then I will plan plan plan to fit them in.  nom nom nom.

All in all, a pretty fabulous back on track day!

How did you all make out today?  Happy with your first day?

Tomorrow morning…up extra early to drive FH to work.  Remember when I used to do that?  Back to the pre-work gym trips!

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Nicole said...

Today wasn't bad...I love my new Nintendo DSi personal trainer walking kit that hubby bought me for's a great way to have someone egg you on if you haven't gotten in your ten thousand steps!!!

Shrinking Jen said...

Your food looks so good... particularly the crunch junior mints (I didn't know they exist!) and the chips!! I ate 'clean' today and I do believe I am going through crap food withdrawal!!! Good luck waking up early tomorrow! My alarm goes off at 6am so I feel your pain!

Jen said...

I hear ya - I feel like I rocked a bit as well today!! Such an awesome feeling!!!

I REALLY need to buy kiwis on my next trip to the grocery store, I can't wait to try one!

I love that you started your morning with our memory mug today...makes me feel all nostalgic!!

Jackie said...

I just saw the Almond Nut Thins yesterday and bought the cheddar flavor. They have a good taste and a great crunch. Seems I am always craving something crunchy and raw veggies just don't cut it.

JavaChick said...

Yesterday was great (aside from the downer that is first-day-back-to-work-after-vacation). Started a new workout plan and meals were right on track. Of course, I usually find the first day is the easiest...


Natalie said...

Your snack plate with salami is making me drool. I love those kinds of snacky meals!

Natalie said...

And yes, I'm back on track and hoping to get to my 10% goal in the next few weeks. Thanks for asking :D

Kim said...

Totally relieved that food was back on track yesterday for me. So far so good today, but unfortunately a little hungry because I did so much holiday eating! Body will start thanking me soon though! Good for you on a good day!

Anonymous said...

peppermint crunch junior mints? WHHHAAAAAA?!?