Monday, January 04, 2010

OK, now 2010 can start!

OK, a little fumble to start of the fresh week/year.  Sorta slept through my alarm!  Actually, I predicted this last night…but was hoping that since I said it out loud it wouldn’t happen.  But it did.  I woke up about 25 minutes after it went off.  Ooooops.  So the big plan for hitting the gym before work = FAIL.

I did grab my coffee and sit at my desk for exactly 9am though, so that’s something.  In addition to healthy goals, I’m putting some work related items into play as well.  The main one being to be seated at my desk on time.  No more slacking in the morning and working late!


Now don’t go thinking that I abandoned my first workout of the New Year just because of some silly sleeping.  I tackled the major items in my Inbox and got my first few tasks of the day out of the way, and then headed off to the gym for the lunch hour.

Before I went I ate this little 100 calorie Raw Rev bar that came from Elizabeth in her care package…


Thankfully it was not toooo crazy busy at the gym with noontime resolutioners!  (Although I did get the last treadmill…phew!)

I had planned an easy 2km run…but forgot to check how many miles that was, so guesstimated and ended up running 2.86km.  Not near as difficult as I thought.  Including walking warm up, cool down, and one break I did this in 25 minutes.

Followed up with lower body strength exercises of various squats and lunges, and some core work of mainly twists and planks.

It seemed relatively easy at the time, but admittedly I’m pretty pooped now!  But so glad I did it.  I missed the sweat.

Due to the scheduling change, I delayed my breakfast until after my workout so I was famished!  Came home and cracked open a brand new bag of Scottish Oats.  The other Jamie made these while I was staying with her, and they were super creamy and delicious so I wanted to try them out here at home.


They did not disappoint!  I like the smaller, coarser texture of the ground oats.  Once cooked they are quite creamy and the granules have a bit of a chew to them.  I described them similar to quinoa.


Simply cooked with water and a few raisins and then topped with a smidge of dark brown sugar and a splash of unsweetened Almond Breeze.



Chopped up a couple of kiwis on the side…


Time is ticking along.  Must reign this day back in!!

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Jennie said...

Good for you! Just because you get some extra sleep (which you obviously needed) doesn't mean your planned workout is shot. Nice job! :)

Anonymous said...

Yay for being at the desk at 9! And ya for your workout!!

H-woman said...

I like the Scottish oats too! Good for you for making it to the gym and snagging the last treadmill.

Happy New Year!
H =)

Nicole said...

Jaime...I have to ask; do you eat the kiwi with the skin on?? My ten year old does and I can't myself get past the skin texture..I love kiwi, but that much *S*