Saturday, January 02, 2010

Ramping Up!

Today is the day I start paying attention again!!  I had big plans to finally get back to the gym (it’s been two weeks since I worked out at Tiffaney’s condo gym!!) however Mother Nature seems to think that I’m more suited for shoveling than running today.  Oh well.  Exercise is exercise right?  The clearer the driveway, the sooner I can brave the storm and get my workout on!

(Um, our shovel just broke.  Uh-oh.)

After a totally awesome entire night’s sleep, I think we are finally back on East Coast time.  I know a lot of you were stunned by our 6am bed time on NYE, but remember I was still on a 4 hour time zone change so my body wasn’t too sure what to do.  It’s fixed now.

After tackling the driveway last night at midnight I slept like a log.

Of course, we arose only to find we had to tackle it again.  And today it’s the hard crunchy snow…not the beautiful fluff of last night.  (I forgot to take pics before, but you can see in the after shots how big the road side piles are…)

IMG_8140 IMG_8141 

I made my first Amazing smoothie of 2010, using my fabulous new Kitchen Aid blender


*hugs*  You all told me it’s OK to hug my appliances if I love them.  :)


In the blender today

  • ice
  • frozen blueberries
  • flax meal
  • organic baby spinach
  • Amazing Grass Kidz Chocolate Superfood
  • unsweetened vanilla Almond Breeze


Next up, a yummy croissant!  And plans for a healthy dinner!



Rewind to yesterday.  Our New Years Day feasts!

Breakfast by FH:

IMG_8119 IMG_8121IMG_8122

Dinner of leftover NYE snacks:

IMG_8123IMG_8124 IMG_8128IMG_8129 IMG_8130IMG_8125 IMG_8127

I dominated the veggie plate and sipped on a virgin Caesar.

nom nom nom.

And now… Out with the old and in with the healthy!

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Lex said...

Bacon is the reason I could never be a vegetarian also hehe!

Enjoy your new KA blender! I love mine but don't make use of it enough :(

Jennie said...

Haha, you're cute with your blender! Enjoy it! I got a Magic Bullet for Christmas, and although I've used someone else's before, I have yet to try mine.

DBF got me to try bacon, and I thought it was OK actually! LOL

Mary said...

I LOVE that pic of you hugging the blender!! SO cute. I know the love of certain appliances though too!

Nicole said...

Glad to see you've kicked off 2010 in a great way. I didn't shovel but spent my afternoon dancing around my house like a fool and it was such great fun!!

Anonymous said...

Ramping up... I love it! Tomorrow is my official first day back to healthy.

Vanessa said...

I am so jealous of your blender! I can't wait until I can buy one. Stupid $20 piece of poop burning out on me. :P