Friday, January 29, 2010

Smitten Mittens

Holy cow people!  I really had no idea how popular the Olympic Mittens would be!!  I mean, I should have because I danced around like a fool when I finally got a pair but I thought I was just a nutter.  :)  So glad so many of you are as excited as I am!  Keep those entries coming!!  *waves* at all the new visitors!  Welcome!

So, I put myself on a strict social networking schedule today.  I often get caught up in Twitter, Facebook, GMail, blogs, whatever and can easily lose like an hour without even blinking an eye.  It’s ridonkulous (I love that word!).  Being Friday, I like to get as much work as possible caught up and don’t wish to work late at all…so I instituted a self imposed timer on my work schedule.

One hour work = ten minutes gallivanting on the internet

Totally worked!  I accomplished a TON in that first hour.  Made my day soooo much more on the ball.  It did slightly fall apart around 3pm when I hit that dreaded “wall” but I’ve managed to pick it back up and I’m pretty much on track to be done on time.  Totally try this if you are an internet junkie like I am.

So anyway, no gym this morning as it’s FH’s half day so he drives himself.  Fine with me cuz it dumped a couple of inches of snow last night. 


So I lounged in bed right until starting time, then had me some coffee and toast.


Today’s coffee with some egg-noggy goodness.  Yes, I’m still finishing the egg nog.

And toast with peanut butter and banana


Lunch was consumed at my desk while putting together my earlier blog post.  Leftover tuna salad with multigrain Wheat Thins (crack crackers) and carrot sticks (literally the only vegetable left in our house)…


My belly is feeling a little off today so I’ve been sip-sip-sipping as much water as I can take


Afternoon snackie of some fresh-frozen strawberries I thawed out…


Mixed with plain yogurt and this Nature Valley granola bar I found hiding in the pantry (why do we never have cereal when I want it?!)…

IMG_1457 IMG_1459

Tonight I’m off over to a girlfriend’s house for movies and a few snacks.  Not entirely sure I’m even going to bother with dinner as that snack was really late and there will be hummus tonight.  We shall see.

I do, however, think that some Booty Camp DVD action is on the horizon before I head out.  Guess I ought to finish work first though!  TGIF!

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Anonymous said...

I am one who found your blog thanks to the smitten mitten bloggers (although I have my pair already)... and I love your blog :)

And, cool that we're from the same hometown!

Jen said...

I LOVE those mittens! I was BEYOND excited when I got mine - so you aren't crazy!! :)

You are BRILLIANT with the timer...I think I need to do that when I am doing homework...because EVERYTHING is more interesting than homework!

Anonymous said...

Hot mitts :)

Anonymous said...

I chose to forgo entering the mittens giveaway because it would be ridonkulous to own a pair of mittens on the Gulf Coast.

Have fun tonight!