Saturday, January 02, 2010

Snow Blower Fairie!

Apropos that we are watching Julie & Julia while I blog, no?  :)

So after my last post, we decided to head out to get movies and a couple of new shovels.  The weather got progressively worse while we were out, so we gave up on our other errands and came straight home.  And shoveled again!

I told FH I’m going to get Hellboy arm because shoveling works my right bicep about 10 times as hard as my left.  LOL.

After a hot shower, it was time for dinner.  I’d been waiting all day for a bigass salad!


In the big silver bowl tonight: organic baby spinach, grape tomatoes, carrots, yellow peppers and sliced baby cucumbers.


Dressed with Greek seasoning and extra virgin olive oil (remembering to incorporate my healthy oils!).

And served with store bought spanakopita.  I bought these for our NYE party but we never ended up making them.  Oh darn, I guess I have to eat them! (only 60 calories each!!)


With tzatziki.  (from SuperStoreonly 80 calories for 2tbsp…super deeeelish!)


To drink, a few more veggies in the form of a virgin Caesar…with lemon and garlic stuffed olives


During our movie marathon I broke out a few of these little chocolate coated cookie bites I got for Christmas.  Kind of bland.  I think we might need hot chocolate to make up for those…


Before we started J&J we were going to go out and shovel out the giant mess the street plow left at the mouth of our driveway…but to our great surprise, it had already been done!  One of our neighbors down the street has a snow blower and I guess he came around and cleared a few driveways.  Nice!!

I’m already looking forward to another Kitchen Aid morning smoothie! nom nom nom.  See you in the morning!

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Nicole said...

LOL if you live anywhere near Bluethistle Cres in Halifax it could have been my dad...he loves his snowblower and ever since he bought it her very rarely gets to use it *S*

Enjoy your movie Jaime!! Out here in Lake Echo we got mostly freezing rain and not much snow...but the darling 13year son shovelled for me this afternoon! I told him he needs the muscles more than I do *S*

Jess said...

LURVE Julie and Julia!
I had a big ass salad tonight too:) Love how colourful yours are! :) Way to go on getting stronger with shovelling ;)

Anonymous said...

Oh, how funny. I have exactly that same set of plates with the vintage cheese labels. We used them for the first time at our Winter Solstice party last week.

The big ass salad looks good. I should make a few of those as part of "ramping up." :-)

Me, Only Better said...

Your salad looks yummy! That's what I need a huge salad!

Stay warm and safe!

JavaChick said...

We got a ton of snow yesterday too. Definitely a good day to stay in and watch movies!

Vanessa said...

I'm going to watch J&J tonight! Can't wait.

Lol @ Hellboy arms. :P