Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Spinach fixes everything!

Woke up this morning feeling groggy, congested and downright yucky.  Not like I’m getting another cold or anything (knock wood!) but just like…well…ass.  Neither FH or I have been sleeping well and it makes for yucky mornings.

I was filling in my food journal for yesterday and realized that:

  • a) I ate too many useless carbs.
  • b) I consumed a lot of sodium.

So I decided that the best recourse was to hydrate!  In conjunction with my first cup of coffee I also tackled my first litre of water


It totally helped! *glug glug glug*

What also helped was this delicious extra green smoothie

In the KA today:  frozen blueberries, one whole small frozen banana, 3 handfuls baby spinach, flax meal, and unsweetened Almond Breeze.


Double fisted with my second cup of coffee and now I can gladly say that my headache is gone and I feel much fresher and more alive!  Toot!


Followed up with a piece of peanut butter toast to combat all of the liquidy slooshiness in my tummy…


The rest of today will be filled with mucho work (hump day conference call!), after work errands (helloooo groceries), and potentially some yoga tonight (it’s rest day, phew).

How is everyone’s back-to-work week going thus far?

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H-woman said...

I'm off today (I work this weekend) so my week's going great! =P

H =)

Dairy Free Betty said...

amazing how much water helps hey?? And spinach of course!!


Jen said...

This has been one of the craziest weeks I have had in a while...but still, it's Wednesday right??? WOOT!!!

I LOVE PB on Toast...they were MADE for each other!!!

Anonymous said...

Back to work is getting harder each day.... I don't want to get up in the morning.

I have heard many people talking about these green smoothies... do they taste like ass?

Jennie said...

Jaime! I have a question for you.

I got a Magic Bullet for Christmas, and I'm not very good at making smoothies, but I want to be. Do you have a simple but yummy idea for a smoothie that I could make? Thank you sooo much for any tips :)