Monday, January 18, 2010


If I post yesterday’s pictures along with today’s maybe you all won’t notice that I didn’t post last night?  :)

After playing BRB until the wee hours of the morning, we slept in and had a fairly lazy Sunday.

Greasy breakfast at The Armview


Dear Armview:  it’s total crap that I couldn’t order a side of pancakes instead of toast.  Making me order the whole pancake meal in addition to my whole bacon & eggs meal is so uncool.  Had we not been starving I may very well have left because of that ridiculousness.  In the future, I think Athens may see a lot more of our Sunday morning money.

Ran a few errands, got a latte, got a few movies, then tucked back into the house for the afternoon.  Cleaned up mucho dirty dishes from dinner party, did my nails, and made coooookies.


Dinner was fend for yourself with the mass quantities of leftovers…


Hers:  two stuffed shells, 1/2 Italian sausage, big plate o’ salad

170 172 

Day off from working out, although I’m hoping to start filling Sundays with yoga to help alleviate the stiffness and aches from Fitnessista’s upper body torture workout.

Ended the evening with a cookie taste-test and a few tears for My Sisters Keeper.



Fast forward to this morning >>

Devoured 1/2 Larabar in the car.  Tummy was very hungry this morning.  So hungry it ate the camera and everything. ;)

Mondays are now cardio day, so gym workout included:

  • 10 minutes rowing machine (to loosen up sore back/shoulders)
  • 40 minute treadmill run (4km, 5:1)
  • 3 x 12 crunches & reverse crunches
  • long, luxurious stretching

Came home for hot shower, hot coffee, hot oats.


Chocolate Banana Coconut Oats to be exact!


In the pot:  1/2 cup unsweetened chocolate Almond Breeze, 1/2 cup water, 1/3 cup Scottish oats, 1/2 frozen banana, 2 tsp flax meal, 1/2 tbsp flaked coconut…

On top: 1/2 tbsp flaked coconut, 1 tbsp mini choco chips, splash cream…


We have a winner!!! Deeeeeeeeeeelish. Held me over 3 hours too. 

Until lunchy time when I raided the fridge for more leftovers. 

FH made an extra large batch of filling while putting together the stuffed shells the other night, so we now have a pretty hefty container of leftovers.  I think he plans to make a lasagna for next weekend.  Nom!


I decided to try some on toast.  3 wedges of ciabatta schmeared with the cheesy ricotta-spinach mixture heated in the oven and broiled for a few minutes…yum.  With salad of course.

227 233

After which I ventured out in the SNOW (#@?*) to pick FH up. Blech.

Now I’m happily working away on another bigass cup of water and snacking on grapes.  I wanted cookies, but cookies are for after dinner.  :)  Grapes are like cookies right?


Camera Happy Note:  I got a great photo tip this weekend.  For the 50mm lens I was told to set the Rebel to Av mode and then crank the aperture down as far as it would go.  This created a pinhole lens and you get a really crisp shot of whatever you are focusing on.  You can tell by today’s photos that this totally works!

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Jenny said...

Totally loving the pics!!

Lainey said...

Those are great pics!

I need to remember that treats are for AFTER dinner!