Monday, January 25, 2010

Taste of Summer

I’m still dreaming of the leftover Thai food.  So sad that it is all gone.  :(  Sarah, we’ll have to have a make-up night so you can go (not being self-serving at all!  ha!).

While out at a quick doctor’s appointment I had time for a second coffee treat this afternoon…


Half dark roast/half French vanilla.  Yum!

I brought about half of it home to enjoy with a handful of recently discovered peanut butter pretzels.  Nom!

Turns out Trader Joe’s isn’t the only maker of these delicious little snackies.  Sobey’s Compliments brand makes them too!  (Thanks to whoever it was that told me about these…I can’t find your comment to thank you by name!)


High in the calorie department so I opted for a half serving (about 9 pieces)…(then I hid the bag!)…


Due to being away from my desk for a couple of hours I ended up working late to make up lost time.  I really shouldn’t make appointments on Mondays because I always have a weekend backlog.  Oh well.  FH fed himself leftover lasagna, so I got my projects done and eventually toddled downstairs around 7pm.

It’s cold as all hell around here today (we’re about the get the brunt of the same crap weather Massachusetts has been getting…windy, rain, freezing…yippee) so I wanted comfort food.

Tomato soup and grilled cheese sammichhealthy style


Amy’s Tomato Bisque

007 012

Tomato, spinach, dijon and white cheddar on 12 grain wheat bread, grilled on the Griddler…

011 014

Used some Olivina to crisp up the outside of the sammich…


Good alternative to regular margarine. 

For dessert I chopped up this beautiful cantaloupe melon.

020 023

Ate about 1/4 of it topped with a big scoop of Lemon Liberte Mediterranee yogurt.  I haven’t had a tub of this deeeeeelish piece of heaven since Summer.  Oh how I’ve missed yogurt I can stand my spoon up in.

021026 029

I will not eat it straight from the tub.

I will not eat it straight from the tub.

I will not eat it straight from the tub.


And on that note I think it’s time to call it a night.  I really need to blog earlier.  ha!

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Carol said...

Showed true inner strength when I walked past (rather forcefully) the tub of Liberte Coconut, my ABSOLUTE FAVE!!! It was hard, and now I am sad...

Marisa (Loser for Life) said...

Hide the bag! Those pretzels are so addictive, aren't they?!

Loving your grilled cheese and tomato soup! YUM!

Kim said...

I've heard Amy's tomato soup is the one to try! It looks so tasty with your grilled sandwich!

On another note... I'm so curious about what you do. Is that something that you keep private or something that I just don't know about because I've only been reading your blog for half a year or so...

just wondering!

Jaime (Embracing Balance) said...

Kim, I'm a virtual office assistant for an online marketing company. I keep the details private, but essentially I'm an office manager for a company with no office! :)

Kate said...

That yogurt is so delicious! I think it is time for me to go and get has been about a year and a half since I had some. Mmm it would taste so yummy with some fruit!!

Those PB pretzels look so yummy, I don't think there is anywhere to buy them in Kingston, ON...I should look into that!

Have a good day!

Tamara said...

I cannot have that Liberte Lemon yogurt in the house. It's very very dangerous for me. I could say to myself, "but Jaime wouldn't eat the whole tub, she'd just cut up a beautiful canteloupe and put a little bit on top and eat it in moderation" but by the time I was finished this thought, the yogurt would be gone.

PS I want you job.

Shirls said...

OMG!! Your telling me I can get peanut butter pretzels in Canada? OMG...I think my heart is fluttering!

Anonymous said...

Oh no... you've found pb pretzels in Canada... however shall I bribe you now?

That Amy's tomato bisque just might be my favorite canned soup. And since I have two in the cabinet, I think you just solved my "what's for dinner" dilemma. And it's only 9:30 am. You're a genius!

JavaChick said...

Cold in Halifax? Weird - it really warmed up in Saint John yesterday. Started the day around -1 and actually went up to +9 overnight. It's on it's way back down now though. And raining. Everything will probably be coated in ice tomorrow. :(

Jaime (Embracing Balance) said...

hehe, don't worry Elizabeth...I'm sure there are many other things to lure me to MA!

It did indeed rain like a mofo all night here and is now a balmy 8 degrees. Tis tres foggy too though so who knows where this will lead!

Natalie said...

At least it didn't fall as blizzardy-snow for you guys. What a bag of crap that was in MB!

Thanks for the pretzel tip. I think.... :P

Anonymous said...

If you'll excuse me, I have to go right to Sobey's.

Also, I want to see your short-sleeved lulu hoodie. Pictures please!

bob said...

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