Saturday, January 23, 2010

Totally Thai!

OMG, it’s been forever since I had Thai food.  Originally I was thinking it had been two years, but I remembered that Mom and I went for Thai when I was home in the Spring.  But this is only the second time ever in Halifax, and the first time wasn’t terribly enjoyable.

This was much better!


Talay Thai was really busy and a bit disorganized off the get go…but once they got rolling it was all good.  We would probably aim for a less busy time and just know to expect it to be a bit slow were we to go again.


Unfortunately our friend Sarah couldn’t join us :( but we still managed to order enough food for three people!

I enjoyed a Thai beer, Singha…and Cosette had a local Propeller Pale Ale


We ordered the Spring Rolls to start, based on With Bite’s recommendation…(looked popular as every table seemed to order these!)…

IMG_8539 IMG_8542

Quite yummy, but maybe a bit too crisp…we really had to work our forks through them.  Anything is good with that sweet chili sauce though!

For our main meal, we opted to share three dishes.

Pad Thai (vegetarian)…


Red Curry (chicken)…


Lemongrass Chicken…


…with sticky jasmine rice of course!


I was really pleased with the Pad Thai!  The lightly spicy peanut flavor was there, it had a good assortment of veggies, and the tofu was actually quite perfect.

The red curry was as good as any I’ve ever had.  It had quite a kick, but didn’t burn my mouth off.  And although I’ve never had it with eggplant (and I’m not a big eggplant fan) I really liked it!  The best part was all of the bamboo in it…love the bamboo!

As for the Lemongrass Chicken, it was really tasty but I never would have guessed it was lemongrass.  More of just a sweet sauce.  Almost barbecuey if that makes any sense.  Cosette says the Lemongrass Chicken is much better at Chabaa Thai, but I’ll take her word for it.

My plate:


We really didn’t eat toooo much, so I’ve got quite a haul of leftovers to enjoy this weekend.  Yay!

For dessert we just had to try their Deep Fried Banana.

IMG_8553 IMG_8554

I’ll never say ooey gooey fried banana with ice cream is bad, but this one was just OK.  Nothing with ever come close to the amazing tempura banana with black sesame ice cream at Doraku.

All in all, I give Talay Thai one and a half thumbs up.  I’d go again, but we are going to try Chabaa next time.

After dinner we were chatty kathies, so took ourselves over to Starbucks for a foamy nightcap.  I was flipping through the Tazo tea book and discovered that Vanilla-Rooibos is decaffeinated!  Yay! 


Grande Non-Fat Vanilla-Rooibos Tea Latte.  Like comfort food in a cup.  :)


Fun girls night.  It’s been a while.  Now onto a girls’ Saturday!

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colleen said...

Talay Thai is good, but nothing beats Chabaa for Thai in Halifax!

Tamara said...

"Anything is good with sweet chili sauce."

ITA. My fave!

H-woman said...

Mmmmmm....thai...I haven't had thai in a VERY long time. Must add that to my list.

H =)

Jackie said...

I was pleasantly surprised when the people at the "Tea Brewery" told me Rooibos tea is naturally caffeine freel. Rum Truffle Rooibos is my fave!!

Natalie said...

I've been craving thai today and because of the crappy roads in MB, I can't drive out and get some. Might have to do my own thai cooking today. It looks delicious! Especially the fried bananas. Drool... I'm jealous.

Cat said...

you must totally miss west coast thai....

when you visit, I'll take you for some insane Thai in Vancouver.

Jaime (Embracing Balance) said...

Yes please~!!!!

Laura said...

Great Thai food is so hard to find.

The place I always recommend is this dodgy looking place but the food is mind blowing.

Have a great Saturday night

Anonymous said...

Make sure to check out Baan Thai sometime too :)

ManoloMandi said...

Mmmm Thai! And that Vanilla-Rooibos Tea at Starbucks is insanely good. I haven't had a chance to try it in a latte yet (just on its own), but that sounds delicious.

Lady J said...

Thanks for the heads up on the Rooi tea at Starbucks. I finally tried it (vanilla latte) and it is wonderful, but actually tasted more pepperminty to me, which is good too!! *hugs*