Sunday, January 31, 2010

What’s Up Cupcake?

By now you are all probably wondering what the heck was up with all of those fabulous cupcakes you’ve been seeing around here!  :) 


Back in December, TJ at Susie’s Shortbreads did a 12 Days of Christmas giveaway on Twitter.  She gave away a dozen of her freaking adorable cupcakes every day for twelve days to a random entrant.  I won!!  I think I was Day 11. 

Bummer was that I was leaving town like two days later to go home to visit, so I asked her if I could retrieve my gift when I returned.  She was very obliging!  I did try to grab them for our New Years get together, but we missed each other via email so it didn’t work out.

So this past week I thought I should probably claim them because it would be rude to continue dragging it out toooo long.  Again, TJ was very obliging.  She promised to have the dozen all ready for me with labels in the box so I would know what they all were.  What a girl! 


I arrived in the SUPER CUTE shop on Dresden Row mid-afternoon on Saturday.  It’s gorgeous inside.  Retro and pink and lovely.  I honestly felt like I had walked inside a giant hot pink cupcake.  Loved it.  I cannot believe we have been here two years and I had never been to Susie’s. 

Not only do they carry the amazing cupcakes…all displayed behind glass for you to oogle and drool at, but also several varieties of cookies, fudge, buttons, and treats galore.  I will have to really have a look around the next time I go in.

[photo borrowed from Susie’s website]

Anyway…on with the good stuff!  TJ put together one of each of the flavors of the day for me.  Some are everyday favorites, others rotate on and off the menu.

IMG_1480 IMG_1485IMG_1486 IMG_1490  

As you saw, I choose the Caramallow for my first cupcake.  It had marshmallow fluff in the middle!  And a Caramilk square on top! It was a seriously difficult decision, trust me!  Every.single.cupcake looked absolutely deeeeelish. 


FH chose the Death by Chocolate for his first venture into the cupcake box.  When asked for his review, he gave a resounding “YUMMY”.

(It must have been good, I don’t have an individual pic of it!)

Wisely, I opted to share half the box with friends.

As you saw, this morning we brought the Red Velvet, Black & White, and Root Beer Float to Mark, Coco, and Camille…


We also gave three to Frank, Joanne and their daughter Danika…Toasted Coconut, Peanut Butter Cup (that was a tough one to let go of!) and Birthday Cake


FH opted to keep Twice Baked


…and S’Mores (I called this as possibly the best in the box, and I can now say that after stealing a bite I think it was!!)


And I saved Suzie’s Classic and the Mint Chocolate…I was trying for variety…


I adore the Classic!!  My favorite simple vanilla cupcake base, topped with lovely light pink buttercream.  O.M.G.


All of the cupcakes are dense and delicious, with large stiff peaks of frosting.  Perfectly swirled and slightly hardened, they were all just as fun to look at as they were to eat.  FH and I both agree that we’ll be heading in and trying out EVERYTHING Suzie’s has to offer.

Thanks so much TJ!! 

(Let me just say how fun it was to photograph the cupcakes too!!)

…and now back to our regularly scheduled healthy lifestyle programming…  ;)

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simpledaisy said...

Those cupcakes look amazing:)

skinny me! said...

WOW...those look incredible! What amazing flavours!

Crystal said...

Those look YUMMY!! I need to find a place like Susie's around here because I want to have cupcakes for my wedding :)

H-woman said...

I <3 cupcakes! I can't believe you shared, let alone gave them away! I learned the share rule in kindergarten, but conveniently forget that I know it when cupcakes are involved.

H =)

Anonymous said...

This was fun to read! There's a new cupcake place near me that has the same kinds of things... maybe not quite as extravagant flavors. But I really want to try the red velvet.

Ali @ Fat to Fit said...

So pretty! I wish ANYTHING I baked looked half that good :)

Anonymous said...

Mmm those looks yummy! Will definitely be keeping Susie's in mind for future cake needs. :)

Anonymous said...

Well done on the photographs! These cupcakes look and sound delicious.

Nicole said...

Thankfully I couldn't smell anyone of those....*LOL*

Thanks to your food porn I now know I have to avoid Dresden Row when I go to visit my Mom in Halifax *laughs*

(not sure how the restraint will hold up if I have them delivered to work *LOL*)

Cat said...

First of all, I can't believe you gave away the red velvet. That is the one I ALWAYS get here in Vancouver whenever I allow myself to indulge. I think it's the cream cheese frosting.

Those are adorable...really gorgeous. Can we go in May?


Jaime said...

The red velvet was a tough decision, but with soooo many to choose from I just had to go with my gut. LOL.

Yes, we will absolutely go in May. I think Jen might insist on it. :)

(I can't believe none of us knew to go there last's literally 1/2 block from Pete's...and the Cora's we went to your first day here).

Tamara said...

Can I just say that I am sure Suzie is a lovely person and I wish her all the success in the world but damn I'm glad that store is not in my town. Resolve? OUT the window.

Kim said...

SO CUTE! And totally drool inducing!

Jen said...


I WAS coming on here to say "WE HAVE TO GO IN MAY!!!!!" and you and Cat totally beat me to it!!!

I adore cupcakes...I am GLAD we don't have one in Fort Mac because I would be there ALL the time!! Well, you know, within reason...

But I still plan to get a couple when I go to Vancouver in March will be a wonderful year filled with wonderful friends and cupcakey goodness!!!