Monday, February 22, 2010


The work day is barely half over so I don’t want to jinx myself, but I think I might actually get (mostly) caught up today.  So far I’m right on schedule and don’t feel like I’m drowning in work that came in over the weekend.  Of course, my West Coast coworkers are just now getting out of bed so let’s hope they don’t drop anything on me!

Maybe it helps that I didn’t just step back into pj’s after my workout and shower today.  I at least put on yoga pants. ha!  But mostly just because I wanted to wear my cute new Amazing Grass T-shirt

002 005

I ordered it a bit small so now I’m worried about it shrinking.  Must not ever get dirty!

On the way to the gym this morning I snacked on a mini Clif Bar.  It seems wrong to eat Chocolate Brownie at 730am, but it’s healthy I swear!


In trying to get back on my proper workout schedule, this morning I skipped cardio day and made up Day One of Intro to Iron.  Happy to report I was able to do all exercises, except the stability ball leg raises, without it affecting my spasming back.  I just had to knock back the amount of weight I lifted for a few sets, but still had a great workout.

Came home for a hot shower and hot coffee


And after tweet-buddy Justin mentioned his Kashi trial-pack I decided that I needed to eat mine too!  Thanks for the reminder Justin!

Toasted Berry Crisp


I used half the package atop a bowl of Liberte Greek Yogurt and 1/2 sliced banana…


I added my own dried cranberries, as the Kashi didn’t really have many.

Tasty and I liked the crunch.  I’m just not a really big fan of fruity flavoured cereals.  If they made this same cereal mix minus the fruit, I’d probably buy it.

After powering through some work and hitting a mini-deadline I set for myself, I grabbed some lunch.  You are likely to see a lot of leftovers and creative meals this week as it’s “I’m not buying anymore damn groceries week.  LOL.

Leftover Cauliflower & Garlic soup topped with light cheddar…


Hummus, tomato & spinach wrap on ancient grains tortilla…

IMG_2636 IMG_2643

So.full.  But I did of course managed to fit a couple of cookies in there too.  The Peak Freans shortcakes from yesterday’s soldier food.


I might roll out of my chair now.


Zesty over ZestyCook is giving away a blog makeover.  I’m posting it here for an extra entry, but I’d really appreciate it if none of you entered.  :)  I mean, really!  How can a girl blog as long as I have and still be working with her original Blogger template?  Lame.  I needs me a makeover Zesty!!

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Jessica said...

I got the flax flavored kashi... can't say I am a fan... I don't love flax though ;) haha.. silly me!

I love the t-shirt!!

Jaime said...

The Honey Almond Flax with vanilla Almond Breeze is my fave cereal combo!

Julie said...

I usually mix a few different cereals for the perfect crunch and sweetness and texture, especially mixed with yogurt and banana!! The Cauliflower & Garlic soup looks great, I am going to give that one a try!

Anonymous said...

That's the Kashi sample I ordered too, can't wait to try it!

The AG shirt is really cute on ya! ;)

Ali @ Fat to Fit said...

I'm still waiting for my Kashi sample! Yours looks good :