Thursday, February 18, 2010


Wow, busy day.  Totally sidetracked and trying to get shiz done I almost forgot to blog!  mayday! 

Sadly, I awoke in pretty much the same pain as I went to bed.  I guess my back wasn’t a fan of the shovelling yesterday.  Although I actually think it was sore before I went out there…it’s not like I was lifting anything all that heavy.  Stupid human body.

So instead of stopping at the gym I stopped at Starbucks.  Three guesses what’s in my cup.  Anyone?


Still a little frustrated with the work situation from yesterday but a night to sleep on it and a chat with the big cheese brought me back down to the ground.  That, along with starting early and finally reaching the end of a project that had been plaguing me made today a little easier.

Toast with peanut butter and jam helped too. 


Cracked open a second flavor of Crofter’s Superfood Spread today.  This one with black currants and pomegranates.  Deeeelish!


After this I landed up getting sucked onto the formspring bandwagon.  Holy Hannah, it’s a time sucker…but super fun.  Turns out FH is quite a popular guy.  I guess because I make him sound all mysterious around here.  LOL.  I just figure if he wanted to be on a blog, he’d have his own so I don’t need to be telling his life story for him…besides, it’s MY blog!  (right, Amy?)

So far only one asshat question.  Of course, it’s still early!  Funny enough, the douchey question was actually quite valid but it was delivered in such a rude fashion that I didn’t feel it warranted a full response.

Anyway, check it out and ask something!  Leave me a comment if you are on formspring too!

In between a zillion phone calls and Q&A I ate yogurt for lunch


Liberte Greek mixed with Liberte Coconut with sliced banana, a bit of granola, and hulled hemp seeds.  I’m kind of addicted to hemp.  Must be the BC girl in me.


Afternoon snackie was grapes and light cheddar


And popchipsSour Cream & Onion.  This flavor is the winner so far in my books.  It’s the most “chippy” to me.


Speaking of popchips, don’t forget to enter the giveaway…I’ll be announcing the winner tomorrow! 

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itsawrapteacher said...

I'm behind. What's formspring?

Jaime said...

click the link in the post. :)

Cat said...

Yes, I've had some 'blunt' questions too....I invite all questions, but people can be super insensitive in the way they ask....

Fashion Meets Food said...

I use to be apart of formspring, but the questions got too out of hand. Seeing your starbucks I really want to get some right now!

Lainey said...

I joined Formspring, too. I have no idea why. It's kind of fun, though. I just wish more people would ask stuff! (I only have one question so far).

Lady J said...

I'll say that douchey question was delivered in a RUDE manner.... I wanna come right through the screen and smack someone silly!! I won't though, I promise. *grin*

Love you sweetie xo

Anonymous said...

Yum I love yogurt for lunch :) I need to try the crofter's superfruit spreads. They look really great!!