Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Congratulations to Ashleigh McIvor!!  GOLD in x-skiing!!  Now just share that with the men’s hockey team and you’ll have some super happy Canadians!

Today’s headache hung around most of the afternoon.  Gah.  Finally, after I picked FH up from work I let my ponytail down and that totally helped!  I forgot how heavy my hair gets when I grow it out.  I’ve got A LOT of hair!

Afternoon snack was another deeeelish Kashi cookie


and a bosc pear


After slogging through some afternoon work I asked FH if he would mind going out for a burger.  I had a craving something fierce!  I actually think that this craving might be what was making me all snacky yesterday.  I knew I wanted something but wasn’t sure what.  Turns out it was a big juicy burger.  Hello protein!!

We hit up The Armview


And went all out on the “feed the beast” craving.  Shared mozzarella sticks


I had the Classic burger with ketchup, mustard and fried onions.  To which I added bacon and cheddar…


With crispy fries (and yes, that is a side of mayo!)…

IMG_8657 IMG_8659

I ate the whole thing!!  Funny enough I’m not even all that full.  Bottomless pit, anyone?l

Now hopefully I’ve got that out of my system!!  It’s not often I eat beef and even more rare that I crave it.  Sometimes you just gotta!

Good thing I have a make-up cardio session with the girls tomorrow night!!

Now to take in the Canada vs Germany hockey game where our boys are going to make up for that sad showing vs USA! 


Go Canada Go!

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Jocelyn said...

I am drewling looking at that plate of goodness. That burrrger and the fries with MAYOOOO. Sometimes..you JUST HAVE TO!! :D

I have been EXTRA snacky today. I don't think it's from lack of protein, but lack of sleep! After not getting enough sleep last night, my body feels tired, hungry and lethargic today :(... Maybe I should eat a burger lol :P

Amy said...

That. looks. amazing.

Oddly enough, I always tell people I pretend my heathly food is a cheeseburger. And when I picture that cheesburger in my head, it looks just like that one!

sarah said...

Oh that cheeseburger looks so good!! Yum!!

H-woman said...

That is one gorgeous looking burger, my friend! Hope it satisfied the craving.

Love the canuck t-shirt--too cute! Where'd you find that?

H =)

Ali @ Fat to Fit said...

I haven't eaten beef in 5 years - turkey burgers aren't quite the same! Venison is close, but sometimes I do miss beef. Yummy!