Thursday, February 11, 2010

Couch Time

I’m watching Survivor: Heroes & Villians while I type this so forgive me if I’m scattered or out to lunch.  I’ll save the commentary but leave you with these notes so far:

  • I still heart Boston Rob even if I’m not supposed to
  • Stephanie is still hard core. I love that she’s back yet again
  • We’ve already seen boobs from Sugar and Cerie
  • We’ve already seen medical twice in the first 30 minutes
  • Amazingly enough, some of the girls learned from previous seasons and are wearing shorts instead of just bikinis

It's a totally good night for me to have the big couch and TV to myself.  I’ve been grumpy most of the day.  Up early, sore shoulder, missed workout, long day = cranky Jaime.  FH is down in his den watching some man-stuff on his computer.  :)  Probably safer for him there.  ha!

This afternoon I tried to snack my way to happyPopchips


Salt & Pepper flavor.  I liked the peppery kick.  nom!

Also an unpictured homemade granola bar, and a big handful of raisins


And a Candy Cane Tootsie Pop courtesy of Kat:


I finally realized I was really thirsty so once I got my hands on my sippy cup I felt better.  Water is almost always the answer to snacking!

Dinner was just leftover Mexican Lasagna Casserole with more quickie guacamole


The snack cravings continued so I tried to keep it healthy(ish).  Chocolate to the rescue!!

IMG_2199 IMG_2200

UCAB heated on the stove and mixed with half a packet of hot chocolate mix



Along with my first ever Deep Chocolate VitaTop.  Y’all were right!  These are definitely the best ones.  So moist and yummy.  :)


I knew I was saving the chocolate ones for a reason!

These seem to have finally hit the spot and now I’m curled up with my Snuggie, my sippy cup, and the remote all to myself.  Sometimes it’s the simple things, eh?


Heads up Booty Camp Fitness lovers.  Skinny Me is giving away a free four week session (which probably includes a copy of the DVD you are all coveting).  Head on over and see if you can win!

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Tamara said...

Boston Rob rocks my world. I swear, when he got that fire going, I wanted to do bad, bad things to the man (in a good way!) Sorry Amber!

Anonymous said...

Sounds heavenly! Your Couch Time post inspired my Sheepy Time post.

And once again I like your beverage mug.

Anonymous said...

Sounds heavenly! Your Couch Time post inspired my Sheepy Time post.

And once again I like your beverage mug.

Anonymous said...

I'm trying that hot chocolate combo soon, great idea! I just picked up UCAB today too.

Katie said...

I love Boston Rob too! I know I shouldn't but like you I just can't help it.

Jocelyn said...

lol can't believe we saw some boobies on survivor last night...or that she kept runnin! crazy! It's gonna be a great season :)

Love all of your healthy chocolate treats today :)

Lisa said...

Thanks for passing along the note about Skinny Girl's Booty Camp Giveaway! xoxo

Booty Camp Fitness
Communications Manager