Thursday, February 25, 2010

Everything is better in PINK!

According to Ali anyway!  :)  Yesterday I had two fabulous packages to retrieve from the post office.  One was a box of red mittens my lovely Mama sent on out for a bunch of my East Coast friends.  And the other was my lululemon loot from Miss Ali’s giveaway.

IMG_2715 IMG_2724 IMG_2726

Yes, more lululemon in da house.  I have a problem.  :)

Thanks Ali!!!


Holy moly for yesterday’s Canadian Olympic athletes, eh?  Breaking records all over the place!!  GOLD, 2x SILVER, and BRONZE!  All brought in by fabulous females.  Love it.  Not too mention the large group of sad Russian male hockey players.  We’re on fire!


Heather Moyse and Kaillie Humphries celebrate gold and Helen Upperton and Shelly-Ann Brown celebrate silver in the women's bobsleigh yesterday.  Photo sourced from Vancouver 2010 Official Olympics Facebook Page.


This morning it was up and at ‘em to drive FH and hit the gym.  Back pain or not, I need to get back into a routine.  I’m coming up short on February workout stickers and that is not OK with me.

I did a slow 10 minute run on the treadmill and felt fine so hopefully tomorrow I can work in a full length cardio session.  Sweat needed!  Also did Day Three of Intro to Iron.  I hate that I have to drop my weights down and can’t do any of the “fancier” crunches, but I know my body is telling me to take it easy.  At least I felt stronger today!! 

Came home for a hot shower and hot coffee


And PB&J on toast

IMG_2731 IMG_2732

Then crammed in two hours of whirlwind work before heading off to massage therapy.  I love how everyone was tweeting about how jealous they were of my massage.  LOL.  People this is not the soothing massage…this is the hurts so good massage.  In about two hours I’m going to be stiff as hell.

Which is why I bought a new Magic Bag. Heat is my friend.


So is hydration.  Most important thing you can do after a massage is chug water.  I cracked open one of these bottles of SmartWater I received from Glaceau the other day.


“it’s vapour distilled for pure taste and hydration you can feel.”

Um, OK.  Whatever they say.  It’s water!  :)

By now I was starvin’ like Marvin and thankful that I had one last container of leftover Chicken Alfredo in the fridge.  One minute and 45 seconds later…lunch.


I feel an evening of work coming on.  Lots to do and too much running around today.  Must get cracking!

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Noelle said...

Lots of goodies! Nice post!

Casey Leigh said...

Cute water bottle!

Tamara said...

This post feels a little like home to me. Paige has that water bottle, I buy that Kraft 100% natural peanut butter exclusively (except for PB&Co of course) and I have a blue magic bag that could not live without!


Anonymous said...

Did you see Ovechkin's face after Russia lost? Classic! I think I saw him bump Crosby in the congratulations line after the game though ... not cool!

Jaime said...

Ovechkin needed to be taken down a few notches.

Anonymous said...

Your alluring pictures of your PB&J sandwiches inspired me to buy the fixins at Whole Foods today - a few individual packets of PB, and a jar of the Crofter's Superfruit Spread that caught my eye!

sarah said...

Oh look! My pink Lulu pink water bottle!! lol