Monday, February 08, 2010

Gym Rat

Well look at me!  I made it to the gym.  I just decided that I didn’t care that it’s Monday and it was going to be insanely busy…I just went.

I was right.  Holy crap it was busy.  This is exactly why I have been enjoying early mornings…no ridiculous crowds.  Good thing I didn’t need a treadmill…not a one to be had the entire time I was there.

Proteiny goodness to tide me over through my workout.  Intro to Iron Day One by the way. Possibly the fastest workout ever.


That Fitnessista is really giving my upper body a makeover!

I came straight home to leftover pizza.  Nom!  With extra pineapple because apparently it’s a pineapple kind of day


With a side of simple salad


Mixed Italian greens, grape tomatoes, cucumbers, fig balsamic…


And…the cupcake!!  Susie’s Classic.  Still the favorite.


OK, I’m really cupcaked out now.  Yes, it’s true.

Now I’m off to enjoy the HIMYM I finally extracted from the torrent!  Yay!

Maybe it will keep my mind off of the fact that not only do I have to skip straight to Day Two of Intro to Iron tomorrow…but now I owe Jess 5km on the treadmill too!



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Natalie said...

It was my birthday yesterday and I requested cupcakes on account of seeing them on your blog for weeks. LOL.... It was so worth every little morsel.

♥ Kenz ♥ said...

The breakfast cookie looks extraordinary..just saying.