Monday, February 01, 2010

Hockey Lovers Unite

OK, since I made you sit through a post this morning that did NOT include the Olympic Mitten Giveaway winner, I will not make you wait until the end of this post.  :)

*drum roll please*

and the winner is

image [source]

#34 = Jessica!! “I love ice skating!!!! And I love my local boy, Apollo!”

Congrats Jessica!!  Your hands will soon be warm and toasty wearing the awesome red mitties!!  Shoot me an email with your delivery details and I will get those off to you ASAP.  Be sure to send us a pic of you wearing them!

Thanks to everyone who entered.  I’ve discovered a whole bunch of new bloggers thanks to Twitter yet again!  How ever will I keep up?!

As a fun side note, I compiled the comments from that post and tallied up the favorite Olympic events.

Ice hockey 16
Figure skating 13
Speed skating 9
Downhill skiing 6
Bobsledding 5
Snowboarding 4
Luge 3
Aerials/Ski Jump 3
X-country skiing 2
Skeleton 2
Ice Dancing 1
Curling 1
Open/Close Ceremonies 1

Obviously we have some hockey fans in da house!  I think we might have a little Team Canada vs Team USA rivalry going on though!!  That’s my fave too but you all have me pretty excited about the death-defying skeleton & luge now too! 


As for today

After the day of indulgence yesterday, I am happy to be back on the straight and narrow today.  (I should note I did do a little relaxing yoga before bed last night since I missed my warm yoga class in lieu of making Sunday dinner.)

Up early with FH to drive him to work, so hit the gym for my standard Monday morning cardio.  My hip is giving me some grief so decided to take a day off from running and hit the elliptical instead. 

  • 25 mins of cross-country variable resistance = 4km.

Then moved over to the treadmill for incline walking

  • 20 mins @ 3mph, variable inclines 10%-15% = 1.5km

Finished up with 100 crunches.  Standard, reverse and bicycle.  Yay abs!

Straight home to the coffee pot…


And the oatmeal pot!  Oh how I’ve dreamed of Chocolate Banana Coconut Oats all morning!!


How can something this tasty be so healthy?!  Deeeelish!!


OK, this post has gotten long enough.  I shall return this evening.  (I know, as if your Google Readers weren’t full enough from the weekend but now I’m subjecting you to three Monday posts. Ha!)

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Natalie said...

I didn't win? Ah jeez....

But that's okay because I found some Olympic mitts at Zellers in Winnipeg! I can sleep at night now.

Ali @ Fat to Fit said...

I need to try those oats. I've gotten off of my cereal kick, and I think oats just may be on my horizon.

I'm crying into my salad right now, not having won those mittens. Guess I need to shove my hands into my 10 year old's. hehe.

H-woman said...

Those mitts were to be mine! I think your random number generator is broken (like my heart). =(

Alas, I shall pick up the shattered pieces of my life and head downtown and see if I can find my own mitties.

Sunday dinner looked yummy, btw. I did some yoga nidra (yoga sleep) last night, but fell asleep (which you're NOT supposed to do!). The last thing I remember is repeating after the guy "I will stay awake". Hmpf!

Happy Monday!
H =)

Jess said...

omg haha we had the EXACT SAME oatmeal this morning! lol