Monday, February 15, 2010

Holiday Monday

Back to the crazy early mornings today.  Ewwww, Monday.  ha!  I was technically supposed to be off work today because my company is US based and we tend to take US holidays, but I was still up early to drive FH and ended up putting in about 4 hours of work anyway. I guess they’ll owe me Easter. ;)

Snacked on half of this Honeybar on the way to the gym…


Found these when I was looking for Canadian bars for the next cross-border exchange.  Finished it after the gym.

Monday = cardio day

  • Treadmill:  25 minute run, 2 miles
  • Rowing machine: 15 minutes
  • Elliptical: 20 minutes, ramp height intervals

Have to mix it up to keep me interested.  More than 20-25 minutes on any given machine bores me and I can lose my momentum.

At home I wanted more Crofter’s Spread but didn’t want to just be showing you guys toast again, so I made a fun breakfast sammich.


Whole grain Italian bread with peanut butter, Crofter’s and sliced banana… grilled on the Griddler panini-style…



With mucho coffee in my new lovemug!


When lunch rolled around I broke it into two mini mealsAmy was tweeting about eating Liberte Coconut yogurt with granola, and since I happen to have picked up both of those items this weekend I decided to follow her lead…

035 037 038 039

This is super yum granola!

Note: Liberte seems to have two different Coconut yogurts.  This is not the Mediterrane so it’s slightly less thick but it’s also a bit lower in calories and fat (not much, but enough!).

Second lunch was a mini snack plate


Grapes, white cheddar, cacciatore.

I managed to step away from work for the afternoon…picked FH up from work and then tried to finally set up my Garmin software.  It is registering a low battery already!  I just got it in December so I’m not too impressed…I’ll be following it up this week for sure.

While I was puttering I ended up breaking open my own bag of popchips.  With all the entry comments and tweets for the popchips giveaway, I couldn’t get them off my mind…


Sea Salt & Vinegar.  Pretty yum, but they tasted kind of Dill Pickley to me.  Not that it’s a bad thing, just a bit odd.  (I didn’t end up drinking that Sprite Zero…just stuck with water.)

Dinner was just leftovers of the Mexican Lasagna Casserole.  FH doesn’t seem to be interested in finishing it up so I guess it’s up to me!


Topped with that uber thick and lovely Liberte Greek yogurt and some extra salsa. 

Um, and after watching Canada reel in another medalwoooooo SILVER!!  Mike Robertson for x-snowboard!… yes, another cupcake!

051 056

Caramello.  We shared this one.  I swear that’s it.  Honest.  :)

I need to eat a salad tomorrow.

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Shrinking Jen said...

I seriously have to make that Mexican lasagna casserole. It makes me drool any time you post pictures of it!

Katie said...

Ditto on the Mexican lasagna casserole!!!

Also, your blog really has me craving cupcakes now...

H-woman said...

Aren't the Honey bars great? I love the Sweet and Salty. And Trail Mix. Well, I like 'em all! I love that I can not only pronounce all of the ingredients, I know what they are!

H =)

Anonymous said...

I am seeing cupcakes everywhere! I think I need one!

Angie All The Way said...

I bought the Mediterranean Coconut the other day and OH.EMM.GEEEE. I didn't even notice there was two kinds until I got it home and realized how much more thicker and amazing it was! Of COURSE it has to be higher in calories and fat....Liberte friggers...they got me where they want me!

Laura said...

That cupcake is ADORABLE & you mug is super cute.

That lasagna is mouth watering, yummo!

Nellers said...

The Mexican Lasagna looks wonderful! I still haven't mastered the regular kind, but I think I might have to try my hand @ the Mexi version. :)