Saturday, February 13, 2010

Intro to Iron Pumping

About a month ago Gina at The Fitnessista put together a weight-training routine for Caitlin over at Healthy Tipping Point.  Caitlin is well known for her super duper running abilities and marathon training, but wanted to start tackling strength to make herself even tougher, fitter and more fabulous.  Gina posted the routine and I was immediately drawn in.

Her timing was perfect.  I had been putting a lot of thought into trying out a personal trainer again (the first one I had didn’t really understand what I wanted and therefore I didn’t really learn anything) but I am not really looking to spend a ton of money.  And then I swear the next day, Gina was posting this awesome Intro to Iron Pumping routine.  (Gina is a certified personal trainer, for those that didn’t know.)

Instead of rehashing everything she already says on her blog I thought I would do a recap of what I think and where I am now.  It’s been four weeks, and although I’ve still got a long way to go I am feeling stronger, more confident and can see definite improvement in myself

My arms are really showing the success for sure!


Day One – Shoulders Chest Triceps (Saturdays for me)

Exercise My Mod Week One Week Four
Overhead Press   2 x 8lbs
3 sets of 10
2 x 10lbs
3 sets of 12
Dips   3 sets of 10
legs very bent
3 sets of 12
legs straighter
Stab Ball Pushups girlie pushups barely 3 sets of 5 3 sets of 10
Planks   3 x 30 seconds 3 x 45 seconds
Lateral Raises   2 x 5lbs
2 sets of 10
2 x 10lbs
3 sets of 12
Cable Tricep Ext   15lbs
3 sets of 10
3 sets of 12
Stab Ball Leg Raises

*my addition
3 sets of 10 3 sets of 12
supersets with
*3 sets of 12
regular crunches

Day Two – Legs (Tuesdays for me)

Exercise My Mod Week One Week Four
Lunge & Lift   3 sets of 12
3 sets of 12
fast & sturdy
Stab Ball Hamstring Curl   3 sets of 12 3 sets of 12
Leg Extension machine 40 lbs
3 sets of 10
3 sets of 12
Stab Ball Calf Raises   2 x 5lbs
3 sets of 12
2 x 12lb
3 sets of 12
Step Ups   2 x 8lbs
3 sets of 12
2 x 12lbs
3 sets of 12
Pullover Crunch slightly bent knees 1 x 5lb
3 sets of 8
1 x 8lb
3 sets of 12
Eagle Crunch* *my addition   3 sets of 6

Day Three – Back & Biceps (Thursdays for me)

Exercise My Mod Week One Week Four
Seated Row machine 12lbs
3 sets of 12
3 sets of 12
Lat Pulldown machine 30lbs
3 sets of 12
3 sets of 12
Stab Ball Ys & Ts *now omitting no weights 2 x 5lbs
21s   20lbs
3 sets of 12
3 sets of 12
Stab Ball Back Extensions   3 sets of 12 3 sets of 12
Frog Crunches

*my addition
2 sets of 5 3 sets of 5
supersets with
*3 sets of 12 rev. crunches
Hammer Curls   2 x 8lbs
3 sets of 12
2 x 12lbs
3 sets of 12
Oblique V-situps side planks 2 x 20 seconds 4 x 30 seconds

(Gina includes links for each of the exercises on her post, so you can see what they are and how they are done…very handy!!)

So, obviously I’ve made a few adaptations

  • I have always sucked at pushups.  Every once in a while I get to the point where I can do a few real ones, but if I stop I lose it.  My goal at the end of eight weeks is to get back up on my toes…even if I can only do one.  :)
  • My lower back hampers a few of the exercises.  Namely the Ys & Ts.  I am leaving those off now.  Sometimes I throw in another exercise to make up for them, sometimes I don’t.
  • I like that she includes core work with each day.  I almost always add in an additional core piece, whether it’s more crunches or sometimes additional planks.

Day One is my favorite.  I can do everything, and those things I struggle with I can see improvement in.  Day Three is my least favorite.  I would like to tackle more lower body and glut exercises instead of more upper body.

In addition to this routine I also dedicate one day (Mondays) strictly to cardio and try to fit in one or two Booty Camp DVD workouts (and I’m really trying to get one yoga session per week…but admittedly I’m failing on that).

I wish I had taken measurements to start.  I only weigh myself about once a month and I’ve stayed the same…but weight isn’t a very good indicator of muscles and strength anyway.  I’m just going to have to trust the visuals and progress instead!

All in all, I am so glad to have found this workout from Gina.  I plan to do it for eight weeks total before switching things up for a new routine to keep my body guessing.  I highly recommend trying this if you have fairly decent knowledge of your gym and equipment, but just need a good push in the right direction.  :)

Is anyone else following The Fitnessista’s Intro to Iron Pumping?

If so, how are you doing? 

If not, have I convinced you yet? :)

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Katie said...

You convinced me. I'm doing her Winter Shape Up Workout right now but when I'm done you've convinced me to try it next :P

Weighting Around said...

I'm jealous! Your arms look fantastic. Can I have them?

Julie said...

I love Gina's workouts. I have been semi-following the Intro to Iron Pumping, I like the Legs workout, in addition to my usual suspects at the gym. You look great, glad you are enjoying it!

Claudia said...

WOW! Great Arms!!
I will have to give Gina's Workout a try.

Kelly said...

Perfect timing!! I've been wanting to become an "iron maiden" but am still a little intimidated with the free weight room.

Thanks for also including a link. And your arms look fabulous, dahling.

Lori said...

Check out those guns! You look great :D

I lurve lifting, really lifting. It's a powerful feeling, don't you agree?

rusty61 said...

You look awesome! Great job!!!!

Amber (Girl with the red hair) said...

Your arms look great! Very toned and defined!

Anonymous said...

Your arms look fabulous! And after reading that workout, I know why :) I need to get a move on...I always just go for the SWEAT...but I need the BURN!

Lauren said...

Yay, I love your blog! It is so neat:) Congrats on all of your success:)

Jen said...

*WHISTLES* Check out the pipes!!!

You look AWESOME!!!

I am totally looking into it...I love the sounds of it!!

Ali @ Fat to Fit said...

Impressive! Your arms look fantastic! I'm slowly but surely working on this whole fitness thing, and you're definetely an inspiration!

Kat said...

Jealous of those arms, girl! I've always been wishy-washy about strength training, but recently I've realized how weak I truly am and how strong I want to be. Also, I don't want to lose weight and still be flabby, so I'm starting to dabble in strength training. Thanks for posting this - I don't always read her site, but I'm trying to formulate my own plan. This is a great resource!