Wednesday, February 03, 2010

It’s a Small World

(you can thank me later for getting that song stuck in your head)

So by now a lot of you must know about newbie blogger Ali over at Fat to Fit…she’s super cute and fun!  Well anyway, turns out I know her hubby from back in the day.  Too funny.  Pop over and see her cuz she is giving away a Lululemon water bottle!! (back off biznatches…it’s mine! hahahahaha.)

So here’s something I’m struggling with.  You know how I’m all cool and proud because of my new fitness regime?  Well what I can’t sort out is how much food I need now. Today is an off day from the gym so I decided I should go lighter on the carbs and calories.  I ended up starving!!  So here it is 8pm and I’m actually hungry.  Annoying. 

Lunch was admittedly light because I got caught up in my conference call and hadn’t planned ahead.  I had a green smoothie…the basic, but in my opinion the best:


In the KA today:  banana, ice, spinach, flax meal, unsweetened vanilla Almond Breeze (which henceforth shall forever be known as UVAB because I get sick of typing it all the time!).


With an afternoon snack of this super yummy Pinata apple with 1.5 oz of light cheddar cheese cubes. 


Apple + cheese = droooolfest.


For dinner we rocked some leftovers Pioneer Woman style.  We still had lots of her Italian soup left, so I made up some extra meatballs to go in it…


I added an extra cuppa beef broth, extra cuppa water, and an extra scoop of tomato paste to stretch it out a bit…


And served it with a salad to complete my veggie intake for the day.


Mixed greens, carrot, grape tomatoes, cucumber, cabbage…drizzled with olive oil and lemon juice


Dessert is going to be a mini cupcake!  The cutest baby mama came door-to-door today letting the neighborhood know that she’s selling baked goods to make $$$ as a stay-at-home mom…and gave a couple samples.  Smart girl.


Haligonians:  :)

Anywho, this post is crazy long now so I shall run off and enjoy the boob tube with FH.  Oh, and torture myself with some Booty Camp DVD butt pain exercises.  eeeeek!

Do you struggle with knowing how much to eat to feel satisfied?

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Fashion Meets Food said...

wow your soup looks delish and so do the cupcakes!

Ali @ Fat to Fit said...

Thanks for the shout out!
I totally struggle with the "when am I full" feeling....that's a super big part of my struggle with my weight. I'm learning (I think.) Sure takes time!

jessica said...

I;m the same way! The day after a tough workout I'm starving!! I;ve been having the same problem lately too.. I feel like I am always hungry and never quite sure of what to eat. Maybe I'm just bored with my regular food, hopefully it settles itself out sooner than later!! :)

Vanessa said...

I am pretty sure that apples and cheese are the best combination OF ALL TIME!

Lainey said...

I first came across Pioneer Woman from a site called "Hillbilly Housewife" (a frugal-living site because every now and then I get delusions of wanting to live off-grid and sock all our money away), and I just cannot believe she's become so popular with healthy-living bloggers!

It's a small interwebz, too. :o)

Espressomama said...

1. Thanks for the ear worm!

2. I'm having a similar problem - I've upped the activity and I'm not losing weight, and I'm hungry, but not on the days I work out. I get hungry on the days I don't work out!

3. Those cakes look delish! Glad I live in Dartmouth and can't get to them easily LOL!