Monday, February 15, 2010

Lovely Sunday

New friends, girlie time, good food, and Olympic Gold.  Sounds like a good Sunday, no?  :)

I was up bright and early yesterday morning to get a few things done before heading out for the day.  Saturday night I baked up some sugar cookies so I packed a few up for the blog girls lunchtime get together.


Made a basic green smoothie to get the day going…


Headed out a bit early with the idea that I would pick up some Heart Day baked goodies for FH and I, but unfortunately I was too early for Susie’s.  I had to go back after lunch and just missed the last red velvet whoopie pie by like 12 minutes (why did he tell me that!? ha!).  I went home with a big ol’ Death by Chocolate for honey (inhaled before photographic evidence could be taken) and a Red Velvet cupcake for myself.


I know I say this every time, but this is my new favorite now.  :)  It really was a very moist and delicious cupcake, and the cream cheese icing was less sweet than some of the butter cream options.  Still a sugar overload no doubt, but in a good way.  Nom!


Anyway, I got ahead of myself.  Before returning to get the cupcakes I met up with some blog girlies for lunch at The Wooden Monkey.  Susan from The Great Balancing Act was in town from Fredericton and arranged for us all to meet up!


Susan, Angie, Katie, Renee, me, Lynn and Melanie.  It was nice to meet some new local ladies with similar interests!


Of course, as usual, the monkey lunch did not disappoint.  I had the Roast Chicken and Pesto Sandwich (which also has slices of apple in it!) with 1/2 roasties and 1/2 sweet apple salad.  I ate the whole thing.  I might have kept on going if there’d been more!

098 099 100 101

Sorry for the blah point & shoot photos.  Susan had her Rebel with her and it made me wish I’d brought along my James Dean!

Time flew by and then next thing we knew it was time for everyone to run off for their various errands, long drives, and afternoons with family.

I came home to find some Valentine’s Day loot from darling FH.

IMG_2331 IMG_2337

Yes, that is yet another Starbucks mug.  The man knows the way to my heart.  :)  With peanut butter cups.  *bliss*

Later in the afternoon we headed out for a quick coffee date.  I got a Non-Fat Vanilla Rooibos Tea Latte (which I’ve now learned they sweeten so I’ll be ditching that part next time). 


Dinner was just leftover Chinese food


Followed maybe by one more cupcake.  I know, you wonder when I’m going to turn into a cupcake!  But these ones were made by our neighbor’s daughter and when she brought them over we couldn’t resist diving right in.  :)


A little heavy on the indulgences for sure (story of my life!) but thankfully I had a fabulous workout on Saturday and an extra hard cardio session this morning so I think it all evens out.  Even if it doesn’t… it was a great day and I wouldn’t trade it at all.   :)

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Christie @ Honoring Health said...

Yum! What a delicious day and fun meet up!!

Amie said...

Cupcakes are so little they don't count ;) Looks like you guys had a good time for lunch...everything looks yummy :)

~Melanie said...

Those cookies were pretty YUMMY Jamie! Thanks a bunch! It was great meeting you!

Kim said...

Totally craving cupcakes now. Lucky duck!

Susan said...

It was awesome finally getting to meet you Jaime!! I got to thinking after you mentioned your rebel is named James Dean, and I decided to officially name mine "The Beast." :P

I was eyeing Susie's when we were downtown on Saturday - probably for the better I didn't go in!