Friday, February 05, 2010


Hi again!  I know.  I’m early.  But I actually finished work somewhat on time today and I want to blog now so I’m not racing to squish it in before I head off for the evening.  :)

Has anyone ever even heard of a Piñata apple?  I never had until I picked up a couple at the store the other day. 


They fall into the same flavor/texture category that I would put Galas and Fujis in.  Me likey!

Sprinkled with a dust of cinnamon and drizzle of honey for an afternoon snack.


Actually I ate kind of backwards today I guess.  Had that snack at noon and lunch wasn’t until around 3pm.  I got caught up in some work things so I didn’t get to do my Booty Boosting until a bit later and didn’t want to do it on a full tummy. (It’s only 15 minutes, but activity and my belly don’t get along too well.)

Lunch was leftovers.  I love leftovers.  Last night’s Annie’s Mac & Cheese with broccoli topped with a couple of Pioneer Woman meatballs…


Honesty:  Annie’s mac was a little lacking in the cheese taste.  Anyone else notice that?

I might have zipped it up with some ketchup.  :)


And a glass of skim milk.  My dairy consumption (and therefore my calcium) has been way down since it got really cold out (less yogurt & cheese, more oatmeal) so I’m going to start including at least one glass of milk per day


My poor fingernails will thank me. 

Tonight I’m off for another girl’s movie night.  I plan to eat a salad with a hard boiled egg for supper, then grab some sort of snackie to take with me.  I’m thinking Skinny Sticks or Popchips.  We shall see!

Happy Weekend, kids.  I’ll see ya after my glorious (yet painful) massage tomorrow.  Buh-bye!

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Anonymous said...

Have a fun girls night!

Anonymous said...

Can't wait to hear about girls night.... we all should get together soon for some drinks + laughs!

Laura said...

Left overs make me uber happy.

have a great girls night, cant wait to hear

Anonymous said...

I don't find Annie's Mac and Cheese very cheesy at all - but it tastes WAY better when you make it with yogurt instead of milk.