Friday, February 05, 2010

Oh happy day!

Happy Friday everyone!  Generally I’m not clammering for the weekend because I like my job but for some reason today I’m seriously doing a TGIF dance.  Maybe it’s because I’m anticipating a fabulouso massage tomorrow, the possibility of a croissant the size of my head, and I have three great new books to tackle this weekend.


Having said that, it’s been a productive morning.  Maybe because I relaxed with mindless TV and turned out the light at a normal person’s time last night.  :) 

And got up when my alarm went off instead of snoozing 2,476 times.  Totally helped that I could smell the coffee brewing…


I will NEVER have a coffee maker without a timer.  nope nope nope.

In keeping with the theme of figuring out how much to feed myself I went with a middle of the road breakfast.  Not a big workout day today so I didn’t want the hearty oatmeal, but obviously fruit and yogurt didn’t cut it…so toast it was!


Peanut butter + banana


The combo never ceases fill me up.  Gotta love all natural protein and healthy fats.  It helps that it’s a deeeeelish flavor combo too!!

A few sad-looking yet juicy strawberries on the side.


I did have a fairly significant headache this morning, which usually means a) I need coffee.  b) I need water.  c) I need a massage/chiro session.

Well, coffee and water didn’t do it…and massage isn’t until tomorrow, so I decided maybe I needed some healthy greens in my body.  Just for Jess I finally tackled one of my Amazing Grass wheat grass samples.  I had been avoiding them due to fear that it would actually taste like ass grass.


Mixed with 1 cup of UVAB.  Looks like sludge.  Tastes like…well, nothing much.  Kinda grassy, but not bad.  I chugged it.  LOL.

IMG_1821 IMG_1829

But my headache has started to subside so maybe that’s the ticket!

FH is home from work, so my plan to tackle one of the longer programs on the Booty Camp DVD has been foiled…but I can still do the Booty Booster.  Plan to squeeze that in as soon as I hit publish.  “Burn tushie burn!!”

What’s everyone got going on for the weekend?  Something fun?

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Jessica said...

is that one of those starbucks cups?! Can you wipe off the writing?!?!

Amazing grass is awesome, you end up craving the grass in the AM! as gross as it seems now! :)

Happy reading and massaging!! :)

Jaime said...

yup, Starbucks bake them after you write on them so the writing is permanent (although some of the girls said theirs are wearing dishwasher!).

Anonymous said...

I really liked A Vintage Affair, it was sweet and girly but not over the top.
The pic of your strawberries totally make me salivate!

Anonymous said...

Oooh, this weekend I have a sushi dinner and a visit to the Farmer's Market! No massage, though. :-(

Whenever I see those write-on mugs at Starbucks I think of you Hali-blogger gals.

Natalie said...

I see the Pioneer Woman cookbook there! Fun, fun!

It's my BD on Monday so some friends are throwing a dinner party for me tonight. Yay! And then we have another party tomorrow for a friend. Busy, busy!

Have a good weekend yourself!

Jess said...

YAY! So glad you tried it!;) seriously, it works WONDERS!! I love that green stuff!!!
Oh and Vintage Affair is FANTASTIC!!! Totally not what I was expecting! Filled with history, love and vintage designer! I LOVED IT! Tell me what you thought of it!

Anonymous said...

Hey Jaime,

I don't know how much Amazing Grass is from their own website or how much they charge for shipping, but it's available from my fav online pharmacy and all shipping in Canada is free. Just keeping it real LOL.


Amber (Girl with the red hair) said...

Ooooh I'm totally jealous of the new books! Have fun reading this weekend.

My weekend will consist of running, homework and going to the bar with friends!!

Carol said...

Next time, try slicing the strawberries on the PB, instead of the banana. O.M.G!!!
Plans for the weekend include a fancy dinner out tonight (menu looks really good though), weigh-in, breakfast at Cora's (my first time), run, long run on Sunday and a baby shower for one of my former WW leaders.
Busy, busy, busy...and now I want strawberries and PB on toast and have none...