Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Pandora Rocks

So…Avatar…definitely two thumbs up.  I thoroughly enjoyed it and my ass didn’t feel like it had sat through a 2 hour and 40 minute movie.  :)  Although…I’m not entirely sure why people are FREAKING OUT about the movie…it’s good, but it’s just a movie people!

We went early to get decent seats.  Um, we were the ONLY people there for the first 32 minutes.  And even when the show started the theatre was barely half full.  We expected a crazy crowd!

Side note: 3D is cool, but it kinda made me pukey a few times.


I had theatre popcorn for the second time in a week.  Wisely chose the small this time though!  (Like the size justifies the extra indulgence…LOL).

(pending pic from Blackberry)

By the time we got home, it was straight to bed.

This morning I got to sleep in a bit as FH drove himself. 



Lighter breakfast due to no big workout today.  Stonyfield Organic vanilla yogurt with chia seeds


and sliced bananas and strawberries


With a Vitamuffinblueberry bran…nom!


I see some Booty Boosting torture and a green smoothie in my future.  Happy hump day.

Do you agree with all of hubbub surrounding Avatar?

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Ali @ Fat to Fit said...

Theatre popcorn is a dangerous thing!
Totally with you on the Avatar thing. Great movie, especially since I expected to hate it but went with the husband 'cause I've dragged him to so many girly movies.

Glad your butt survived it - mine almost didn't. We "proudly" have the oldest operating theatre in Canada. Ya....not so comfy.

Ali @ Fat to Fit said...
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Jessica said...

I loveeeeeee movie theater popcorn (no butter of course) I haven't seen Avatar yet, I think I'm waiting for it to come out, as 3 hours is a long time to sit in those uncomfty seats!!

Natalie said...

I haven't seen Avatar yet. But I felt the same way about Dark Night. It was a good movie but "Whoa with the hype!" Kind of ruined it for me.

Casey Leigh said...

I absolutely LOVE Avatar! Would be amazing to live in that fantasy world.

Agree that 3D makes me dizzy sometimes.

Mmm... chia seeds are SO good for you!

Anonymous said...

Yummy love the strawberry and banana pic

I'd heard about the chia seeds, how do they taste?

I did not know that Avatar was that long of a movie!! oh on 3D I end up closing my eyes sometimes in an IMAX so agree on that. Can you imagine - some IMAX theaters are showing Avatar on those HUGE tall screens, cool huh? cindyscottage

Anonymous said...

Hype about Avatar? my radar is saying "what hype?" - I ignore hype unless a film is overtly against Christian or other faith - it is a waste of energy. - cindyscottage

Jen said...

I LOVED Avatar...I really enjoyed the story, the action and I thought the special effects were AMAZING...I just thought it was a good movie all around and a decent idea (until they ripped off Pocahontas) rarely see originality in movies any more!!

I am DYING to go to the movies...I REALLY wanted to go last weekend...but I think I am going to talk Danny into it this weekend...we haven't had a "date" in forever! And I am NOT just going to save it for V-Day!

Shirls said...

I totally agree on Avatar, took the nephews to see it just before Christmas, felt the same, surprised I liked it, but it ain't no oscar winning plot.

btw - the nephews and hubby, gave it a thumbs down, AND they were the ones all eager to see it! LOL

Amber (Girl with the red hair) said...

I liked Avatar, yes. But it wasn't good enough to keep me awake! I almost ALWAYS fall asleep at the late showings of a movie and Avatar was no different.

I also didn't really like that the storyline completely ripped off Pocahontas!

Angie All The Way said...

I still haven't gotten my arse in to see Avatar yet, but happy to know the theatre wasn't jam packed!

*must remember to take vitamuffins to work tomorrow*

Lainey said...

I never saw Pocahontas, so the storyline was pretty new to me. But my response to the "plot" issue that some people have is, "Plot? Who cares about the plot!? It's in 3D!!!"

I love 3D movies, although I sometimes have to close my eyes for a few seconds, too. Like at Harry Potter where the dementors were flying around. Yeeesh!

NSGIRL said...

I'd love to see Avatar...just waiting for the hype to die down! Not normally my type of movie but I'm interested in all the hype about the special effects! Not looking forward to dealing with the popcorn issue though! We'll see how I handle that! :)