Thursday, February 18, 2010


Dear Team Canada,

Please get your sticks out of your bums.  *evil stare*

Love, Jaime

Ya, beginning of the third period and tied 2-2 with Switzerland.  Not what we are looking for from our Olympic hopefuls!

Dinner was a super yum-o salad


Organic Italian greens, organic spinach, red onion, carrot, tomatoes, cucumbers…tossed with Greek Liberte and honey mustard…so good.


With leftover coconut chicken fingers and sweet potato moons.

IMG_2502 IMG_2505

Honey drizzled on the chicken.  Brilliant I tell ya!  :)


Day Three of no exercise (well there was all that shovelling yesterday).  I am starting to go a bit bat crazy.  I did attempt some very light yoga after a crazy hot shower and I can now stand up straight so that’s something!   Plank, cobra, cat/cow and a little child’s pose are always good for the soul anyway.

Just chillin with the Snuggie, FH and two mini Reese’s.  Quiet night (um, except maybe the yelling at the TV).


Til tomorrow y’all.

Go Canada Go!

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Connie B said...

ummm coconut chicken!! my mouth is watering! sounds great.

Lynn said...

I will be borrowing your coconut chicken recipe soon. :)

Anonymous said...

Your salads always look so delicious!