Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Congratulations to Clara Hughes! So happy for her!  She’s just so damn cute and feisty…I really wanted her to win a medal.  And she did!! 

Oh, and what about poor Lindsey Vonn?  That poor girl is accident prone.  She attracts injuries like lint to velcro.  Yikes.

No schmancy dinner to report on this evening.  I was scrambling like a mad fool to get out the door for coffee with Tasha, Angie and Lynn and completely scratched food from the to-do list.

Instead I enjoyed a hunk of reduced fat chocolate chip banana loaf (pretty much the only Starbucks treat I find edible…well, except that 1100 calorie choco chip coooookie)…


And a grande non-fat half-sweet vanilla Roobios tea latte


These are decaf and tres yummy.  :)

Great gab session with the girls!  One of these days we shall lasso Lex and Farm Girl into joining us!!  We miss you busy girls!!

At 8:45 we realized we were missing the all important and exciting Canada vs Russia hockey game so we headed out.

I ate up the leftover apple from this morning with a scoop of Dark Chocolate Dreams peanut butter


And a big bowl of Smart Pop.  nom.


Not a very satisfying “meal” but I’m going to keep myself glued to the TV and hope that the urge to snack runs away.

The game’s looking good people!!!  Currently 7-3 in our favour, but we still have half a period to get through.  It’s so stressful!!

Here’s what I think of Russia right now:


Go Canada Go!!

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Tamara said...

Ha! There's no way those Russians could stand up to the scary Jaime raspberry! You jinxed them good!

Lady J said...

I can't tell you how much I love the expressions you get on your cute little mug sometimes!! *grin* Love your earrings too. xo

Anonymous said...

That banana bread always looks SOOO good when you get it. I must try it soon.

Great last last night as usual. :)

sarah said...

You are so cute with your shirts!! I totally agree with you about Lindsey Vonn! She is always falling down and hurting something. The poor girl!!

Jaime said...

Bwahaha...thanks Tamara. You know it was totally me!

Thanks Mom! I haven't taken the earrings off since you gave them to me. :)

Angie All The Way said...

It was a great evening out with you ladies and even BETTER to come home to Canada kicking some ass!!! wooot!